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Banaras is the oldest city in India, Benaras is the most unique place here. Here, you always draw the old culture aside. And the devotional atmosphere here pulls you towards him. And on the Aha you can spend happy days and enjoy yourself. Here is the most unique thing and Banaras is in its best places and people come here for their purification and liberation. People of Hindu religion are seven holy cities. Varanasi is a place of pilgrimage. And feels lighter here. Banaras is one of its huge temples. And it is also well liked by the tourists here.


Located on the western bank of the holy river Ganges, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh is a sacred Hindu shrine. One of the oldest cities in the world, it stands as a symbol of Hindu renaissance. Even amidst the storm of modernity, the city has preserved its traditions and rituals of Hindu philosophy that have been in place since ancient times. Millions of devotees from far away countries go to Varanasi in search of divinity. It is also called Banaras, it is adjacent to the Ghats which is spread across the Ganges. To see them branch out into innumerable narrow lanes is an integral part of this city. According to Hindu belief, Banaras or Varanasi is the cosmic center of the universe.


Kashi Banaras This city, situated on the banks of river Ganges along with Apna Banaras, is the best of culture, mythology and literature and art. (About 2500 years ago) and the tradition here says that when Lord Shiva has silk, muslin, here. Here the Mughal emperor returned his pride to this place during the reign of Akbar. There is an eighty ghat here and there is a peepal tree. And by worshiping Lord Shiva Linga and paying homage to Lord Shiva. And there is a ghat here. Which you get to see in your Benaras. Which shows the antiquity of Kashi and the antiquity of Kashi here. And people come from abroad to see the beauty of this ghat. And you see the huge aarti here. And do not go without visiting this ghat.


A mention is found in the great epics of Varanasi, Mahabharata and Ramayana. It was already an old city and a prosperous trade center at the time of Rome"s founding. About 10 km away is Sarnath which was received by Lord Buddha and his first sermon in 500 BCE. Varanasi is famous for its betal leaf (paan) and silk sarees, which dream of brocade embroidery. Boating in the Ganges and roaming the ghats is a lifetime experience.

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