Jharkhand is the 28th state of India. Which was established on November 15 2000. The name of 'Land of the Forest' is a very good place to visit the famous Jharkhand. For wildlife lovers there are so many options available that give you the best chance of photography with Experience. The forest mountains waterfalls museums bird sanctuaries and temples built on the temples also beautify the tourism here. Which is a big contribution to the economy here. Located at an altitude of 651 meters above sea level Jharkhand is spread over 79714 sq km. The total population here is 32988. The reason for Jharkhand's different culture and lifestyle is that there are tribals living in large numbers here.

A place to visit in Jharkhand
There are many places in Jharkhand where you can not even bore even when coming alone. To see birds and animals Betla Hazaribagh National Park and Dhama Century are good places where you can capture the animals as well as capture them in the camera. Apart from this Ranjappa Chinnamasti Temple Panchghagh Waterfall Dasham Waterfall Gautam Section Patratu Dam Johanna etc are worth visiting.

Ranchi is not just the capital of Jharkhand but also a good travel destination. Where there are many beautiful Watfalls. Ranchi mineral rich state is known as the 'Manchester of the East'. You can also see other places like Hundru Dasm Jonah Waterfall Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi Lake Kanke Dam and Jagannath Temple in Ranchi.

Devogara is famous as a religious place. Baba Badnath one of the 12 Jyotirlingo of India. You can do this by visiting here. Apart from this you can see places like Trikut Heels Shivanganga Satangan Ashram Kundeshwari etc.

After coming into this city with a man-made modern decorated amidst greenery waterfalls and mountains you will find that here as the small form of India resides. The beautiful lanes and roads here show that it will be really a person with a large managerial capacity. Due to the lush green hills of tourist destinations a large number of tourists come here every year to relax and enjoy. In Jamshedpur you can see people from Bihar Uttar Pradesh Punjab Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Kerala in South India and their culture.

Natarhat is a very beautiful hill station of Jharkhand. Located at an altitude of 1128 meters above sea level this place is also called The Queen of Chota Nagpur. The weather here is very beautiful. There is a very huge crowd here in summer.

The beauty of Palamu attracts tourists from abroad and abroad. The wildlife sanctuary here and the National Parks provide many opportunities to explore Nature Lovers. Palamu is also quite successful in the case of culture. Apart from Bird Sanctuary Waterfalls and Century Palamu Fort is also a beautiful place to watch.

Bokaro Jharkhand's top tourist destination is included in the destination. Which is also known for steel and coal industry. This place is very good for solo travel. Kali Mandir Jawahar Nehru Biological Park and Ram Mandir Walking Memorable Experience

Hazaribagh is full of lush gardens temples mountains waterfalls and Wildlife Century. You can plan to come here to spend time relaxing with adventure.

When to Visit Jharkhand
From November to February the time is right for you to visit Jharkhand when you can enjoy the surrounding views along with the weather.

How to reach Jharkhand
By Air 
- Birsamunda of Ranchi is the closest airport to come to Jharkhand.
By Rail- For the Jharkhand trains from almost all the elderly cities are unavailable.
By Road - By NH23 and NH33 you can easily get here.