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Friends, for a few moments while working, when you are sitting, you never want to go out for a few days to stay away from the world of noise and work, and break from the hustle and spend days of peace, then you made up your mind to come out of Jhansi. On the journey which is the surest part of the Indian struggle

Friends, today I tell you about its history for the knowledge before walking here. Jhansi is a place without which the independence of our country was incomplete but also impossible Jhansi was settled in the middle of central western and southern India. Chandel kings It used to be the main place of living, if you feel like traveling to Jhansi, then do not think because Jhansi is a famous place full of historicity and the valor of the queen of Indian Jhansi, the valor of the queen. Known all over the country abroad, it is a city located on the border of Uttar Pradesh, which falls in the Bundelkhand area, here on the hill named Bangra, the city is filled with buildings from all sides of Jhansi Kilo.

Pitambara Peeth located at Datia here

The Pitambara Peetha located at Datia in Jhansi is a little away from the nearest district headquarters, whose distance would be 28 km if measured, it is famous as the Shakti Peetha where the mother goddess of royalty, Pitambara and Tantra Sadhana in Datia, MP Goddess Ma is the temple of Dhumavati. The place which is the back of the most different faith, is the belief of this place that it is also the center of more than two hundred colleges, people come here from far and wide to see it, though here the Goddess Pitambara would be seen every day. But on Saturday, people especially on the day of law, worship and worship, and tie sardines for their wishes.

Orchha which is Ayodhya of Bundelkhand

Orchha is located here in Jhansi MP, which is called the city of Ayodhya in Bundelkhand, which comes in the Newari district of Bundelkhand. This is the only temple in the world where Lord Rama is worshiped as a king, before the sun sets in the morning and after the sun sets, aarti is performed and salute is said to be here 400 years ago. Even after being crowned, Lord Rama is considered as a king even after Purshottam Ram ji has taken the seat of the kingdom, this is why the guard of honor is also given to the Ram Raj Sarkar. Orchha is about 16 kilometers from Jhansi, Orchha is just 16 kilometers from Jhansi, Jhansi is connected to the major railway lines of the country, if tourists want to come daily, then they have to come through Jhansi.

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