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Odishas history is world famous as its history is associated with the Ashoka Emperor. In the earlier times, Odisha was known as Kalinga, but the Ashoka Emperor was going ahead with the victory. Only then did they win, but even when a lot of people were killed in the war, the wife of those brave soldiers reached the war to fight with her children, and it was not good for the emperor to see that he was very unhappy and then he took the opportunity not to commit violence again. Odisha is indias 11th and most populous country.

Sys a treasure of taste Odisha

Odishas food is a treasure of taste. Odisha is equally rich compared to its local cuisine. The food here is full of taste. If you are going on a visit to Odisha, you must enjoy this taste of this disease. Here, this simple beauty dish is a mixture of potato, pumpkin, banana and papaya in the food of Khichadi, Chungdi Cream, Macha Ghatat, Dalma, Pakla Bhata, Gachp, Wada-Potato Dum, Chenna Poda, Kanika, Pulaf, Suntula, Chatu Rai, Potato Potala Juice, Kadali Manja Rai, Odisha. 

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East India
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Between november and february
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