Jammu and Kashmir

The sheet of snow on the mountain of the mountains, the bed of Shabnam on the leaves of Chinaro, the beauty of the mountains, the saffron flows over the lake, that's why this Kashmir city is known as Jannat, the most beautiful city in India, Kashmir is considered here. But Sundar Ghatia and beautiful gardens are seen all around.

Today we are going to tell those people about Kashmir who want to know about this city and want to enjoy there. So let's take you to the city of paradise Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is called heaven on earth. Everyone dreams of seeing the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir surrounded by beautiful litigants all around. Once you see this city, you will feel like coming here again and again. The snowy hills, serene atmosphere and beautiful views add to the beauty of this city. Today we are going to tell you about one such valley of Jammu and Kashmir, which is called Jannat Ki Darwaza.

One of the most beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir is the Gurez Valley. This valley of Kashmir is located 125 km from Srinagar at an altitude of about 8000 feet. This valley is named after the famous Kashmiri poet Habba Khatoon. People say that many stories of Habba Khatoon's love of her husband in this triangular shaped mountain still resonate today. This valley is a major attraction of Jammu and Kashmir. If you also want to enjoy the natural views to the fullest, then you must go to Gurez Valley.

These places are perfect for visiting from May to October. Apart from seeing the natural views, you can also enjoy the cool breeze here, which will make you feel cold even in summer. Here you can also visit Baba Darwish and Baba Razak and Pir Baba's Dargah. Apart from this, you can also enjoy rock climbing, fishing and trekking here.

The central part of the Gurez Valley is Davar, with 15 villages spread across the Gurez Valley. The dwar, surrounded by high hills, echoed the sound of the flowing waves of the Kishanganga River all around. Apart from this, the Gangabal lake here is also very popular among tourists. Tourists coming to this valley definitely come to see the dwar.

Apart from the rivers, one can also see the beauty of the high-rise mountains of which the Harmukh mountain range is the most famous. Located between Sindh and Kishanganga River, the height of these mountains is about 16870 feet. This place is no less than a religious place. This abode is considered sacred due to the abode of Lord Shiva.

Tulail valley is about 42 km from Davar and for tourists it is really no less than a paradise. Tulail Valley is very famous for its village as well as fishing. The rural life here will make you come again and again. By coming here, you will get a chance to spend some such moments that you will remember throughout your life.

If you too are planning to visit Jammu and Kashmir then do not forget to see the valley of Gurez. Without this, your trip to Jammu and Kashmir will be incomplete.