Rajasthan Travel Guide : if you want to ride a camel Come to Rajasthan ....

The most glorious state of India, situated in the house of history, its state filled with shining silver goldsmiths and a tale full of clothes and songs, which has a unique identity spread over 342,239 square kilometers, which is about 10% of the total area of ​​India. The colorful earth reserve, which is located in the northwestern part of India, is actually a paradise for tourists, which in itself is a living horror of timeless wonder.

Welcome to the area of ​​ancient and traditional rich adult land, grand palaces of the Maharajas and majestic forts reserved as a special tourist destination of India where millions of tourists from all over the world come every year in rated architecture and art. There is a distinct style that makes it one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.  Rajasthan was ruled by the Rajput dynasty, whose identity shows to have been for courage and valor. 

As we know that the state should be identified for the warmth and culture of its original inhabitants and the historical battle, the silver shining sand makes everyone attractive, everyone's dream is once rated in those sand camels. 

By the way, every district of the state of Rajasthan will find a lot of business places which itself has a huge history inside, but the special tourist place which is also known by the name of the fort is in almost every lively place.  Apart from them, there are many mythological temples in the evaluation.

Best Place to visit in Rajasthan 

  1. Jaisalmer Fort
  2. Nakki Lake
  3. Siliceh lake
  4. Padmini Palace
  5. Birla Planetarium
  6. Brahma Temple
  7. Patwans Haveli
  8. Pichola Lake
  9. Taragarh Fort
  10. Victory Pillar
  11. Sukh Mahal
  12. Albert hall museum
  13. Amber Fort
  14. The City Palace
  15. Galta Palace
  16. Hawa Mahal
  17. Jantar Mantar
  18. Kumbhalgarh Fort
  19. Mehrangarh Fort
  20. Ranthambore National Park
  21. Sariska National Park
  22. Bandeshwar Temple
  23. Rani Sati Temple
  24. Jal Mahal