Puducherry Tourism

The Union Territory of Puducherry in Southeast India attracts a lot of tourism here. The serene atmosphere of the streets and the booming bouquets all look great. Puducherry is said to be the attraction of the world from the marine life of France. Puducherry picturesque Blessed the earth here along the beach | Colonial architecture praises the life of the beach | This region of India remained under French authority for almost 300 years., This place is very important not only in terms of tourism but also in spiritual and religious terms

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Union Territories
Best time to visit Puducherry :
October to February
Why Go to Puducherry ? :
Language :
Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and French are the official languages here. Most of the residents here speak English, Tamil, French, Telugu and Malayalam languages. Schools here teach in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu as well as English and French.

How to Reach Puducherry

  • How to reach delhi by Air
    By Air

  • How to reach delhi by Road
    By Road

    Various government and private buses pass through a short distance to Pondicherry.

  • How to reach delhi by Train
    By Train

    35 km away from Pondicherry city, almost the nearest railway station is Villupuram which is one of the major Indian places well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and can book taxis to reach the city later.