Sidhi Tourism

Sidhi is a town located in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, near the border with Uttar Pradesh. The town is known for its historical significance, as it was once the capital of the Sidhi kingdom. Today, Sidhi is a growing industrial hub, with several small-scale industries and factories. The town is also known for its beautiful temples and other historical monuments, which attract tourists from all over the country.

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Sidhi Tourism

Sidhi is a district located in the northwestern part of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is situated between the districts of Satna in the north, Singrauli in the east, Rewa in the south, and Allahabad in the west.


The history of Sidhi can be traced back to the ancient times when it was a part of the Mauryan empire. Later on, it became a part of the Gupta empire and the Rajput kingdoms. During the medieval period, it was ruled by the Mughals, and in the 18th century, it became a part of the Maratha empire. After the fall of the Marathas, the region came under the British rule, and in 1947, it became a part of the independent India.


Sidhi is located at a latitude of 24.42°N and a longitude of 81.88°E. It covers an area of 10,536 square kilometers and has a population of around 1.2 million. The district is situated at an average elevation of 305 meters above sea level. The major rivers that flow through the district are the Son and the Mahanadi. The district is predominantly hilly with the Vindhya range passing through it.


The population of Sidhi is predominantly rural, with around 80% of the population living in villages. The district has a population density of around 114 people per square kilometer. The literacy rate in the district is around 62%, which is slightly lower than the national average. The major languages spoken in the district are Hindi, Bundelkhandi, and Urdu.


The economy of Sidhi is primarily agrarian, with agriculture being the main source of livelihood for around 80% of the population. The major crops grown in the district are paddy, wheat, and pulses. Apart from agriculture, the district also has a significant mining industry, with coal mining being the major contributor to the economy. The district also has a few small-scale industries such as rice mills, flour mills, and handloom weaving units. The government is also promoting the establishment of a solar power plant in the district, which is expected to generate significant employment opportunities.


The culture of Sidhi is a blend of Hindu and Muslim traditions. The major festivals celebrated in the district are Diwali, Holi, and Eid. The district is also known for its folk music and dance forms such as Baredi, Gedi, and Karma. The traditional attire of the people of Sidhi is mostly sarees and salwar kameez for women and dhoti-kurta for men. The district is also known for its handicrafts such as terracotta, woodwork, and handloom products.


Sidhi has several places of tourist interest, which attract a significant number of visitors every year. Some of the major tourist attractions in the district are:

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park: It is one of the most popular national parks in India and is known for its tiger population.
  2. Singruali: It is a town located on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and is known for its coal mines.
  3. Sohawal Jain Temple: It is a Jain temple located near the Son river and is known for its intricate carvings.
  4. Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary: It is a wildlife sanctuary located near the Son river and is known for its diverse flora and fauna.
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Madhya Pradesh

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