Ratlam Tourism

Ratlam is a city located in the western part of Madhya Pradesh, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It is home to many historical sites, such as the Kalka Mata Temple, which is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. Ratlam is also known for its handicrafts and textiles, such as the famous Ratlam sarees.

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Ratlam Tourism

Ratlam is a splendid tourist destination full of culture, heritage, historical temples and breathtaking natural landscapes. The city with fort and temples is a wonderful destination for tourists looking for historical evidence and archaeological findings. The Malwa region Kapurva Bhag shows its great glorious past. Kalika Mata Temple is grand in the heart of the city. About 18 km from Ratlam, the temple of Bilpakeswar where Lord Shiva is the main deity, showing his splendor with his Pachayatana style. The ancient remnants of the Shiva temple, beautifully constructed in Bhumija variety, is a place of study, called Jhar, which is 12 km from Ratlam.

Nageshwar Temple in Alot, Hussain Tekri in Jaura, Cactus Garden in Sailana, Pyaravan Park are some of the major excursions chosen by the tourists. This place fills the hearts of the tourists with its good number of flowing waterfalls. Jaman-Patli, Kedareshwar, Isarthuni are also prominent places that have the merit of a visit. Ratlam is famous for its delicious local savaios. Ratlami Sev is a famous snack. Ratlam is popular for its delicious local savaios. Ratlami Sev is a famous snack. Dal Bati with butter and laddus is a lip-smack and signature dish of the Malwa region. It is a major market place for gold and silver trade. Make sure that your pocket is full, because high quality gold is available here and is worth buying.

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Madhya Pradesh

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