Orchha Tourism

If you are tired of your daily life. If you are disturbed by noise and alcohol, then you should turn towards you, which is not less than the dreamland. In the local Bundelkhandi language, a small town in Tikamgarh district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha means hidden. The remains of the glorious capital of the Bundela Rajput kings make this place more exciting and popular. The rich and captivating culture that embraces Archaha reflects the era of the Bundelkhand emperors. You can enjoy local festivals here including Dussehra, Ram Navami and Diwali. If you are a foodie, Orkha is again an ideal rural tourist destination that offers you a wide range of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and sweet. Since Orchha does not have an airport, you will have to fly to Gwalior Airport and then travel 120 kilometers to Orchha.

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Orchha Tourism

Kasba Orchha, located in the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the few places in India, situated near the Malwa plateau that combines natural beauty, artistic heritage of history and a reassuring credibility and is famous for its old palace and temple tours. The site, surrounded by the beautiful Betwa River, Orchha reflects the luxury and prosperity of the powerful Bundelas which was established in the 16th century by Bondela Rajput Chari, Rudra Pratap, where the Betwa River divides into seven channels, also known as Satadhara. Legend has it that it is in honor of the seven then chiefs of Orchha. And it is the erstwhile capital of the Bundela rulers

The city brings to mind an unrivaled presentation through its magnificent forts, great palaces and poetic engraved temples that attract photographers to click on the incredible Madhya Pradesh. Life in Orchha really changes about the Ram temple where you may have to be reverential to Hinduism.

The climate of Orchha is temperate. Summers (April – June) are not very hot while winters are cool (November – February) and pleasant. It experiences southwest monsoon rains in July-September.

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Madhya Pradesh

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