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The tribal land, The name of Banswara, is "bamboo, or bamboo tree. Which ever grows in abundance. The town is known as Chachakota in hundreds of small islands (local parishes) on the Mahi River. It is often called the "City of Hundred Islands. The city was first found by Maharwal Jagmal Singh. Many bamboo forests are located throughout the region. Here, Shri Raj Mandir is a beautiful palace, the construction of which represents the distinctive Rajput style of 16th century architecture Banswara is adorned with many gardens and lakes.

Dialab Lake, Anand Sagar Lake and Kagadi Garden are one of the famous lakes. One of the famous tourist destinations of Banswara is the 11th and 12th century Hindu and Jain Mandiro. Some sections of the Shiva temple at this site depict different religious idols. Anand Sagar or Bai Pond is a crutrim lake built by Rani Litchi Bai surrounded by kalpabrax and cenotaphs.

Ram Kund, also known as Fati Khan. Where Lord Rama stayed during his exile. Andeshwar Parshavnathji is a reverent Jain temple. Some Of the Madreshwar Temples in Banswara, Vithala Dev Temple and Raj Mandir in Banswara. And there is a famous Shiva temple built around the 12th century while the Tripur Sundari is one of the Shakti Pitho in Hinduism. It is dedicated to 18-armed goddess Terai Mata. The Kagadi pickup weir which is known for its lush green plantations, which is a beautiful fountain towards the Kangri Lake. Abdullahpir is a revered, Muslim dargah which is a Bohra Muslim pilgrimage place. The Flood Lake and the Ankant Bahubali Temple include Loharia. Mangarh Hill is a tribal mela which is organized by the tribals of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Places to visit in Banswara

Kagadi Pickups and Mahi Dam: Mahi bajaj sagar project a part of the beautiful fountain garden offers views of Kagadi Lake.

Anand Sagar Lake

On the eastern edge of the city there is an artificial lake, also known as Bai Patchab, constructed by Dior"s Lachi Bai; Queen of Maharjwal Jagmal. The couple of sacred trees known as "Kalpana Tree", which is said to fulfill the wishes of visitors, also exist nearby. The fascinating atmosphere here attracts many visitors.

Dibal Lake

The components of this lake are covered with beautiful lotus flowers. Badal Mahal, the tenth pond of former rulers, is located on the banks of the lake.

Abdullah Pir

A temple of bohra Muslim saint, every year, a large number of Bohra Muslims visit this place during URS from different parts of the world.

Things to do in Banswara

Tourists can visit the entire twelve and a half Swayambhu Shivlingos. They earn the name "Little Kashi", or Lodhikashi. The rainy season and swing falls are worth seeing.

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How to Reach Banswara

Complete List of Tehsils in Banswara District, Rajasthan

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