Jaisalmer is a beautiful and historic city of India's Rajasthan state. Jaisalmer's famous sightseeing site is famous. That's why the salonians have a lot of stress throughout the year. Jaisalmer is a city which is also known as "City of Havelio" and "Golden City". This town was founded by Chandravanshi Yadav Bhati Raval Jaisal in 1156. In the name of his name the name of this city is Jaisalmer.

In the tight gorge of this city there is a big havelin of yellow stones on both sides of the rocky streets because of which this city is called the town of Haveli. When the glowing sunlight falls on the havelio made of these yellow stones the havelia starts to shine like gold. This city is also called the Golden City. In terms of tourism this city is very important in today's time. If you are interested to see Big Buddy Havelia and the castle then go to Jaisalmer tourism. Here you will find a new one and a luxurious havelia and palace.

Places To Visit In Jaisalmer

Places to visit near Jaisalmer

  • Amar Sagar Lake
  • Bada Bagh and Chhataria
  • Lodhva
  • Wood Fasil Park
  • Sandy beaches of the community
  • National Math Garden