Mount Abu

Just like Kashmir is called the heaven of earth Mount Abu is called 'Paradise of Rajasthan'. Nestled on the mountains of Nilgiri the geographical location of Mount Abu the atmosphere and natural beauty are very different from the other cities of Rajasthan. Sure Lake is the best tourist destination here. Here's exactly what nails mean nails. In fact there is a belief about this lake that a Hindu god had digged it with his nails and made this lake. Hence it is known as 'exact'.

Surely there is a beautiful view of the greenery and the hills all around the lake. Situated in the southwest part of the lake sunset pointing to sunset the very attractive sight of the sun attracts the mind. At the time of sunset shades of color of the sky are very different and beautiful as well as the scenes of lush green areas spread far and wide. The scene looks very beautiful Sailing can also be enjoyed in this lake.

There is also a wildlife sanctuary in Mount Abu where there are mainly leopards sloth bears wild boars sambhar chinkar and langur. Not only that more than 200 species of birds and more than 100 species of plants and plants can be seen here. This is the most suitable place for those interested in birds.

Apart from this the Achalgarh fort is also worth seeing in Mount Abu which was built on a hill by Rana Kumba of Mewar. The master summit of Mount Abu is the most beautiful and attractive place the highest peak in the Aravali mountain range. A temple is located on top of the mountain where Divinity and Peace touch the mind. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu's Avatar Dattatreya. Looking around the guru peak the blue sky and the surrounding landscape are very beautiful.