Ranakpur Tourism

Ranakpur is a small village in the Pali district of Rajasthan. It is famous for the Ranakpur Jain Temple, which is considered one of the most beautiful temples in India. The temple is made of white marble and is known for its intricate carvings and architecture. It is also a popular destination for pilgrims.

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Ranakpur Tourism

A spiritual oasis in Aravali, a quiet village in Pali, Rajasthan is a sacred place for Jains. Being an important place for pilgrimage, it is one of the most beautiful and revered temples in western India, it is a remote valley in the Aravalli ranges, which is 96 km away from the famous city of Udaipur, the serene atmosphere of the place and the beautiful Jain temple which dates to 1438 The surroundings are made of amber stones, and attract tourists to this place throughout the year. This comfortable residence and shrine of Rajasthan is known as the city of temples. A king named Rana Kumbha replaced a wealthy businessman for the construction of Jain temples.

Jain Temple in Ranakpur is the most important scenic, other beautiful place Maharani Bagh and Aravali hills. There is also photography and bird watching to be done in this city for horseback journey in the Aravalli ranges and a visit to the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Wildlife sanctuary enhances the beauty of photography. Therefore it is an ideal travel destination. Rajasthan is a quaint city among tourists and is one of the five most important pilgrimage centers of Jainism.

Ranakpur Temple, It is mainly known for the beautiful temples. In this complex there is the Chaumukha Mandir (four-faced temple) dedicated to the first pilgrim Adinathji. Sadri is about 8 km away from Sadri. The oldest of them are Chintamani Parasnath Temple and Varahvatar Temple. Desuri is about 16 km from the city. The city is famous for many temples, the most notable of them being dedicated to Lord Shiva, Navi Mata and Lord Hanuman. Jehan is also an old mosque, it is worth visiting.

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