21 Best Places To Visit in Rajasthan You must see on Your Next Trip in 2022!!

Best 21 Places To Visit in Rajasthan: Here You can get information about tourist Places in rajasthan and what is famous in Rajasthan and all ablut Rajasthan Tourism travel guide..


The forts and palaces built in the 5th Shadi have been a major centre of attraction for tourists coming here. Jodhpur, situated on the banks of the desert, is famous all over the world. Tourists are specially visiting the Kanra Lake, the Umed Bhawan. The city of Jodhpur, popularly known as The City of Balu, is identified by the stones of the shallow palaces and old houses. The 15th century giant Mehangarh Fort is at a height of 125 metres from the ground on the rocky cliff hill. The city, with eight gates and countless bujas, is surrounded by a ten kilometre long high wall. The scenic spot of Jodhpur is the Fort of Mehangarh, Jaswant Thada Ummad Mahal, Girdikot and Sardar Market, Government Museum, Arna Waterfall Desert Museum etc.


Land of Adivasio/ The name of Banswara is 'bamboo, or bamboo tree. Which ever grows in abundance. The town is known as Chachakota in hundreds of small islands (local parishes) on the Mahi River. It is often called the 'City of Hundred Islands. The city was first found by Maharwal Jagmal Singh. Many bamboo forests are located throughout the region. Here, Shri Raj Mandir is a beautiful palace, the construction of which represents the distinctive Rajput style of 16th century architecture Banswara is adorned with many gardens and lakes.


Khimsar is located between Bikaner and Jodhpur in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. It is most famous for its Nagaur fort. It was built by Rajkumar Rao Karamsji, the eighth son of the founder of the Royal Dynasty Rao Jodha, in 1523 with the aim of providing strong defence to the village from the invaders. Still home to the erstwhile royal family


Dig is a small town in Rajasthan in the vicinity of Bharatpur city. Founded by maharaja suraj mahal in the 18th century it served as a summery resort for the royal family. Its magnificent mahlo has survived the regular day of life of the popular city for exquisite fortifications and homegrown markets. You can take more culture in rural scenario.


Dundalod India is a small town in Jhanjhunu in Rajasthan, this particular city is located entirely in the area of Shadhakhakhavatai in Rajasthan. The city has forts and havelis. This place is located in the middle of the Shadhakhakhavatai region. It is about seven kilometres away from Navgarh. The city is known for the umbrella of Ram Dutt Goenka and its surroundings. Goenka's umbrella and its surrounding wells are known.


The Jaisalmer fort, made of golden stones in the twelfth century, is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan and a large number of domestic foreign tourists come to see it. The major historical monuments of Jaisalmer have the highest fort. Jaisalmer Fort was constructed in 1156 AD. The fort of Jaisalmer is a beautiful specimen of architecture. Built by Rawal Jasal, the fort, which is located on the 80-metre high Trikuta Hill, has the outer walls of palaces, houses and temples made of gentle yellow St Stone. Jaisalmer Fort is considered as the pride of Jaisalmer and is located in the centre of the city. It is also known as sonar fort or golden fort as this yellow sandstone fort shines like gold at sunset.


Neemrana Fort-Palace is one of the most unique gardens near Delhi. It is 109 km from Delhi International Airport. Is at a distance of. This heritage resort has panoramic hanging gardens, majestic architecture, lush green landscape as well as an Ayurvedic health training center and two pools for swimming.


The city of Rajasthan which is called the "City of Lakes". Surrounded by the Aravalli mountains, this city is a symbol of natural beauty. Surprising architecture will compel you to come to this city. Take a boat ride in Lake Pichola like you will get into the nature. Nestled in the valley and surrounded by four lakes, this city is called "Kashmir of Rajasthan", there is nothing wrong in this. The name of this city is proudly taken in the attractive state of Rajasthan. The main sites here are Sajjangarh Fort, Fatah Sagar Lake, Vintage Car Museum, Iklingji Temple, Dudh Talai Musical Garden, Jaisamand Lake etc.


If you are planning a trip on the weekend, you can prove to be a good trip to Jaipur in Rajasthan. You will find many such places in Jaipur, where the fun of your trip will be doubled. If you do not come to Jaipur to visit these places, then your trip to Jaipur has remained incomplete. 


Bikaner is considered a paradise for culture and tourists. Riding camels and going through sand dunes will give you a unique experience. The ancient palaces and forts here will astound you. The city is called the country of camels Bikaner is famous for its amazing architecture, culture and art. Bikaner is also famous for the international camel festival, which is visited by people from all over the world.


Surrounded by the Aravalli hills, this city is famous for Muinuddin Chishti, Dargah Sharif. If you want to be a witness to Mughal architecture by coming to Rajasthan, Ajmer is a very peaceful and spiritual city. Ajmer is a place of Hindu and Muslim devotees in the heart of Rajasthan. Every year huge crowds throng here. Another specialty of this city is its culture and craftsmanship. This is a religious place where you can get peace of mind.


This place, which is included in Indias best tiger reserve, is also famous for many animals, birds and plants. Nestled in the foothills of the Vindhyas and Aravallis, this place is also famous for the National Park, Ranthambore Fort. A great holiday spot that should be included in your list. This place, which is included in the major tourist destination of Rajasthan, is a center for travelers fond of taking pictures of wildlife. The National Park, spread over an area of ​​392 km, is the best place to see amazing birds and animals in their natural habitat.


The city is known as the "paradise of birds". It is a city full of culture, which enhances its simplicity, it is famous for Keoladeo National Park. There are 370 species of birds and animals here, but it is more popular than the name of Bird Century. You will find a lot of unique birds here. There are 230 species of birds, 200 kinds of other animals such as fish, turtles, snakes, lizards, etc. and 350 types of flowering plants are in place.

Mount abu

Mount Abu is famous as the main hill station of Rajasthan, it is full of Jain temples and one of the Delwara Jain temples is the main tourist destination here. Apart from this, the highest peak here is "Guru Shikhar", which is the main tourist destination here. Also there is a Dattatreya temple which is situated in the cave which attracts all the tourists. There are many beautiful temples here which are built by opal stones, among them Adinath, Mahaveer, Neminath, Parshvanath and Rishabh Dev Karya Mandir are prominent.


Chittorgarh has also been the land of heroes and the famous fort here is an example of this. This historic and huge fort was built by the Mauryan Rajputs in the 70th century, which is spread over 700 acres on a 250 meter high mountain. Vijayastambha, built as a victory over Maharana Kumbhas Mahmud Shah, Jain Kirti Stambh, Samidhveswara Temple, Satbis Deora and Shyam Temple are the main tourist spots which display the amazing building art.


Alwar is famous for its city palace which has now been converted into a museum. There is a huge stables built here not of horses but of elephants where around 3000 elephants were kept.


The city of Kota is situated on the banks of the Chambal River, where the old fort, Ram Magho Museum, Government Museum, Kotabagh, etc. are the major sightseeing places.


The journey from Bundi to Jhalawar becomes a memorable natural beauty of the southeastern Rajasthani region. Other attractions of Jhalawar are the magnificent historical fort and the government museum.


Pushkar, a small holy village of pilgrimage and ashram, is 135 km south of Rajasthan Jaipur. The local guides here tell a story of the place where it is said that during the time when the gods and goddesses roamed the planet of the earth, Lord Brahma was looking for a place to perform the high-altitude. For which he was given a lotus to carry a goose, the place where the lotus fell and it became the Mahayagna site. It is believed that the lotus fell in Pushkar and the Pushkar Lake was formed. You can definitely come here to be amazed by the majestic temples of Pushkar and be impressed by the religious lifestyle of the people here. The food here is very basic and tasty. The best time to visit Pushkar is during winter. If you are looking for a new beginning, then you should visit this place where you will get the experience of peace and tranquility. 


Shekhawati, named after the ruler Rao Sheikh, which means Sheikhs garden. It is a semi-desert region in northern Rajasthan. Dotted with innumerable palaces or havelis, the place is considered to be the "open art gallery of Rajasthan". The beautiful mythology of the painted mansion, notable for its fresco paintings showcasing forts, mosques, palaces and palatial paintings, contributes significantly to the richness of the place. As a tourist as rich as Shekhawati, you will not only enjoy such a rich heritage, but you will also find decorated chests, tie-dye clothes, metal utensils, You can also enjoy shopping for many handicrafts like bangles and brass and iron scissors. The feeling of Rajasthani happiness will attract you and force you to stay back for a few more days. The best way to reach Shekhawati by road is from Jaipur or Bikaner. The nearest airport in Jaipur is Sanganer Airport.