10 Best Places To Visit in Manipur You must see on Your Next Trip in 2022!!

Best 10 Places To Visit in Manipur: Here You can get information about tourist Places in manipur and what is famous in Manipur and all ablut Manipur Tourism travel guide..

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Manipur, a state located in the north east of India, is also called Switzerland of India. Extremely cool and beautiful natural scenery, unique wildlife, floating islands and the locals here.... You cannot be loved by Manipur with all these qualities. From a political point of view, Manipur is also a very important state. It has Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south, Assam in the west and Manipur in the east, shares the international border with Myanmar.


Out of the famous scenic spots in Manipur, imphal, the capital of Manipur, is the most attractive tourist destination that gives four moons in the beautifully of lakes with its green litigants and beautiful natural environment. You can come here and enjoy your visit by visiting tourist places like Sirohi National Park, Sexta Archaeological Living Museum, Kangla Fort, Manipur State Museum, Shri Govinda Mandir, Manipur Zoological Garden, Kaybul Lamjao National Park etc.


If the dense forests enthrall you, The Bishanupur in Manipur is the perfect place for you to roam every season. You can enjoy the dense forest and huge meadows here. This place is considered sacred because of temples and ancient relics. You can come here and visit the Kebul Lamgo National Park with Rasancha, Jorbangla Temple, Panch Ratna Temple, Dal Madol, Susuniya Hills, Shyamarai Temple, Sideswara Temple.


The major tourist places in Manipur also include chandel city which is located in the heart of the border of India and Myanmar. The tourist spot is located at a distance of about 64 kms from Imphal. Chandela is a centre of attraction for tourists because of its beauty as well as its culture. The tourists who come to Chandel like the dance and music so much that they are not able to forget this unique scene.


Moreh is the frontier town of Manipur, half of India, half in Myanmar. It can be transported on foot to the town of Tamu in Myanmar. A pass is issued with a fixed fee to go to Myanmar through which a few hours can be taken. Many people from this border come to India from Myanmar and Myanmar from India in connection with the trade. Both Tamu and Moreh (moreh) are big markets where goods brought from Myanmar as well as Thailand and China are available at reasonable prices. The Indian rupee also runs in these markets. Here, many people speak and understand Hindi.