18 Best Places To Visit in West Bengal You must see on Your Next Trip in 2022!!

There was a long-standing war between Orissa and West Bengal over the invention of Chenna Rasugula. However, later on, the invention of this system has been given to the cred bengal. Let"s say that the Rasaula here is a very, In Bengal, during the 18th century, Dutch and Portuguese subeviators did not have a way of making sweets from Chenna. Cities like Kolkata are beet. Best 18 Places To Visit in West Bengal: Here You can get information about tourist Places in west-bengal and what is famous in West Bengal and all ablut West Bengal Tourism travel guide..

West Bengal

West Bengal is a state located in the eastern region of India. It is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and strong intellectual tradition. The state"s capital is Kolkata, and its official language is Bengali.West Bengal is known for its contributions to Indian literature, art, and music. The state has a mix of urban and rural areas and is home to several important cultural and historical landmarks, including the Victoria Memorial and the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. The state"s economy is driven by agriculture, manufacturing, and services.


A cultural capital in the country, from its beautiful British Raj Bhavans to vast gardens, from its historical colleges to its Gulzar nightlife, from its sweets to delicious food, Kolkata is one of the finest places to visit not only in West Bengal but also in India. The home of eminent poets, writers, filmmakers and Nobel laureates in the country can also say that the city is called Kolkata. This city with ancient glorious culture and literature and a hue like London, which the British can also say, is said to be that if the British stop in India for a few more days, they would have made this place a London.


It is also called the "place of Braj" or "Queen of the Mountains", Darjeeling is the place that gives West Bengal its unique identity and you find yourself very close to nature by going into the beautiful mountain and the winding path between them. Darjeeling which offers its tourists the opportunity to relax amidst a natural and tranquil atmosphere. Along with tea fields, birds of different species, trekking, river rafting, and bird watching, colonial-era buildings and toy-train viewing can also be enjoyed.


Siliguri is a picturesque city that presents spectacular views of the Himalayas. It is quite famous for its tea gardens and dense forest. The town is situated on the banks of the Mahananda River and is a beautiful place to visit Darjeeling, Kalimpong or Sikkim. If you want, you can also see the colorful Salugra Gompa, which is about 5 kilometers away from the main city. Away from Sevok Road in the heart of Siliguri city, the bustling market is an ideal place to shop for a Chinese knock.


Situated on the beach, Digha kolkata is a very popular tourist spot among tourists famous for its pristine beach


For nature lovers in West Bengal, Jalpaiguri is a delightful destination. Since it is easy to reach Darjeeling and Sikkim, you will feel a stir in the city with tourists throughout the year. The name Jalpaiguri comes from the word 'jalpai', which means 'olive', which grows in this city and the suffix 'gurie' means a place, so Jalpaiguri is basically the 'place of olive'. The name is also associated with Jalesh or Shiva, who is the presiding deity of the entire region. The entire topography of Jalpaiguri is filled with rivers, rivers and hills, making it a haven for nature lovers.


Located at an altitude of 1458 m, Kurseong is a beautiful and lesser known hill station in West Bengal. About 30 km from Darjeeling, Kurseong has a salubly salubly climate, which certainly makes it an ideal summer destination in West Bengal. The most attracted about this place is the complete peace that it offers. Interestingly, some famous poems and songs of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore were drawn in Karsiang and the magic of this place is like that! In addition, renowned painter, Abindranath Tagore and great musician Atul Prasad Sen found inspiration for some of the famous compositions around Kursiong. Beautiful tea estates and Raj-era buildings offer charm to this place.


Located on the west bank of the Hooghly River, Howrah in the Indian state of West Bengal, which is a cosmopolitan city as well as an important transport hub of West Bengal which is a part of the area covered by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority.


Mirik is a beautiful hill town in Darjeeling district at an altitude of 1767 metres. Located in Darjeeling district, located about 49 kilometres from Darjeeling, mirik where you go and find yourself very close to nature, it is believed that music comes from the Fijao here, a beautiful long lake filled with perennial currents.


About two hours away from Darjeeling, Kalimpong, a beautiful hill station located in the lower Himalayas, has a height of about 1250 meters. With the view of the Teesta River, Kalimpong is an ideal place for nature lovers. It is the main attraction of the people here towards Buddhism, a place that is rich in nature and providing incredible views of the Himalayan and tranquil atmosphere, a favourite place of tourists. The traditional handicrafts and flower market here have a wide range of orchids. Kalimpong is also a religious center of Buddhism and monasteries have some rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures. You can enjoy the whole of nature with the tradition of Bengal here.


One of the most famous places in West Bengal, Hooghly is regarded as the place where Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Sharda Devi had lived for many years. It also has historical significance as it was colonized by Portuguese, French and Dutch and one can still see the influence of colonization in the architecture here. So, this moderately bustling destination is for those who enjoy spending time exploring the stories of the magnificent past.

Cooch behar

Behar, situated in Jalpaiguri district, a very affected land by the Mughals, is known not only for mughal affected monuments, but also for huge water bodies. This place used to be the only planned city in the North Bengal region and where still the remains of royal heritage can be seen. If you are interested in knowing about the rich history of Bengal, it is a great destination for you.


A village in Hooghly district, Kamerpukur is an ancient place that invites all history lovers. A visit to this place adorned with old buildings, temples and tanks can take you back to your time. Kamerpukur, a sacred place where Sriramkrishna Paramhans was born.


Barrackpore is a land rich in history as well as the beauty of nature. That is where the famous Sepoy rebellion took took over and it made a special mention of Barrackpore in the history of India. Very few people know about Barrackpore but it's really worth a visit to those who take a keen interest in history. There are places like Daksheshwar, Gandhi Memorial Museum, Gandhi Ghat and Rishi Bankim Sangrasla that should go for history lovers, while nature lovers can enjoy picnics in Mathura Beel.


A small town near Bolpur in Birbhum district, Santiniketan is better known as nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore's Treasure Trove. This small town is located about 212 kms away and is home to a world school, Visva-Bharati. Tagore established an ashram here in 1863 and became the initiator of the Brahman Samaj. The Shantiniketan complex is equipped with magnificent sculptures, frescoes, murals and paintings of Rabindranath Tagore, Nandal Bose, Ramkinkar, Binodbihari Mukhopadhyay. It is also popular for its child singers and fairs and festivals such as Paush Mela (December), Joydev Mela (January), Basant Utsav (Holi) (in March).


Birbhum, a district in West Bengal, which is of great importance in the history of the state. Joe Birbhum is known for his red clay houses. And the most prominent place in whose district is Santiniketan. In addition, you will find a lot of tourists in other places like Tarpith, Bakkareshwar, Kankalital, Labpur, Noor, Joydev Kenduli, Dubrajpur, Nalhti, Pathrachpuri, Rajnagar, Hetampur and Kaleshwar Shiva temple etc.


Situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi, Murshidabad is an ancient city in West Bengal. It is believed that the city was at its peak before the British rulers moved the capital to Kolkata. The city still remembers the memories of nawabs who once ruled here and contributed to the beauty of the city by building mosques, tombs and gardens. He also planted ivory, gold and silver embroidery and silk weaving industries. Murshidabad is today the hub of agriculture, handicrafts and sericulture.


Here is what makes West Bengal a worthy of praise for Sundarbans. The world's largest delta and largest mangrove forest, Sundarbans is a world-long place known as the photographer's paradise, where there are many types of fauna and many types of animals, more than 250 tigers and other ways of extinction, which UNESCO has declared in World Heritage.