Best Places To Visit in Puducherry You must see on Your Next Trip in 2024!!

Puducherry is one of the 7 union territories of the country. To the east of this region lies the Bay of Bengal and Tamil Nadu on the remaining three sides. The total area of ​​Puducherry is 497 square kilometers. Puducherry's ancient name was Pondicherry, which was changed to Puducherry in September 2006. The meaning of its name is Nai Basti or New City. Among the union territories, this region is third in terms of area. Best 3 Places To Visit in Puducherry: Here You can get information about tourist Places in puducherry and what is famous in Puducherry and all ablut Puducherry Tourism travel guide..

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Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry) is a Union Territory of India situated on the southeastern coast. It's known for its rich French colonial history, serene beaches, spiritual centers, and unique blend of French and Tamil culture. Here are some notable places to visit in Puducherry:

Promenade Beach: A long stretch of rocky beach facing the Bay of Bengal, ideal for morning and evening walks. The statue of Mahatma Gandhi and the old lighthouse are notable landmarks here.

Auroville: An experimental township dedicated to human unity and the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Matrimandir, a golden dome used for meditation, is the focal point of this community.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Located in the heart of the town, it's a spiritual community founded by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. People from around the world come here in search of spiritual solace.

French Quarter: The colonial-era buildings and French-style avenues make this part of town feel like a little slice of France in India.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: A beautiful 19th-century Gothic-style church.

Botanical Garden: Home to a variety of exotic plants, this garden also offers musical fountain shows.

Bharathi Park: A green oasis in the middle of the town, often surrounded by colonial structures.

Ousteri Lake: A serene spot perfect for boating and watching birds.

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple: An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, known for its beautiful carvings.

Puducherry Museum: Offers a glimpse into the history and culture of the region, with artifacts from Roman times and the colonial era.

Arikamedu: An archaeological site showcasing remains from Roman trade links.

Paradise Beach and Serenity Beach: Two of the many beaches around Puducherry known for their tranquil beauty.

Raj Niwas: The residence of the Lieutenant Governor, this building showcases French colonial architecture and is occasionally open to the public.

Church of Our Lady of Angels: A beautiful church painted in peach and lime, known for its mellow architecture and quiet ambiance.

Goubert Market: A bustling local market where you can buy fresh produce and experience local life.


Puducherry, also known as Pondicherry, is a union territory of India. It is located on the southeast coast of India, and is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the east, Tamil Nadu on the south and west, and Andhra Pradesh on the north. Puducherry was a French colony until 1954, and has a unique blend of French and Indian culture. The official languages of Puducherry are Tamil, French and English. The economy of Puducherry is mainly based on tourism, agriculture and fishing.