5 Best Places To Visit in Meghalaya You must see on Your Next Trip in 2022!!

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places in India it is located in the north east Meghalaya is a paradise for the pragmati lover where the beautiful forests, beautiful valleys, waterfalls, etc., also make the beautiful things special on the Meghalaya side (Meghalaya means the residence of Badlo). Best 5 Places To Visit in Meghalaya: Here You can get information about tourist Places in meghalaya and what is famous in Meghalaya and all ablut Meghalaya Tourism travel guide..

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Shillong capital is trained for its natural beauty, also known as "Scotland of the East" because it resembles the Scotish land, the only hill station in India whose variables are This place is a very, You can live the joyful moments of your life openly and the atmosphere here is very favourable.


Regarding Cherrapunji in the state of Meghalaya in the north east of India, as we may have read in our childhood, cherrapunji is the most rainy city in the world, not just India. But suddenly the city changed to Masinram. In fact, it is because the distance between Masinaram and Cherrapunji is almost about 15 kilometres, based on the record recorded in the Guinness Book, there was 26,000 millimeters of rain in The Guinness Book in the year 1985, which was a record in itself. Its natural beauty has charmed the minds of the tourists because of the grand view of this process, the land is considered to be a mother, this place is called ' Low Heaven ' the only place in the land to receive rainfall during the year this place will freshen your mind and enjoy it with your partner here and the Haseen litigants between the beautiful mountains.


Tura is a beautiful city in Meghalaya, the human footprints have not been seen in many parts of Tura located at the foothills of Tura, here you will find many beautiful visions in the midst of beautiful mountains here you can visit with friends with your partner, it is a vast city where the beautiful vadas have four moons in its beautifully.


Williamnagar is the best place for the pragmati lovers here the dense forest and stunning greenery fascinate the tourists here is a highest place to relax here you can enjoy your partner's long journey here you can also trekking here this place is very special here you can see the beautiful sights of many lakes. It is a complete place through your spouse. A nar must visit here.