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The city of Chandigarh, Pathankot or Amritsar is usually famous for roaming in Punjab. It is true that there are many places to visit in these cities, but let us also tell you that these cities are often crowded with tourists. In such a situation, the city of Bathinda in Punjab is a city away from the hustle and bustle where there are not one but many interesting places. Situated in the heart of Punjab, this city is also known as Heart. Containing many history of Punjab, this city also presents a strong claim in the list of top tourist places. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best and beautiful places to visit in this city, so lets know,

Quila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak is one of the oldest forts not only of Punjab but of India. It is believed that this fort was built around 90 to 110 AD. In ancient times this fort was also known as Tabar-e-Hind or Gateway to India. If you are a history lover, then this place can definitely be the best for you in Bathinda. Let us tell you that this fort also hosts lakhs of tourists every year. Here you can go for a walk between 9 am to 5 pm. This fort remains closed on Mondays.  

Chetak Park Bathinda

This park is considered one of the major tourist places of Bathinda and one of the favorite places. Which are also very popular in the picnic spots of Bathinda. This park is situated near the Chetak Lake, which is adorned with beautiful flowers and gorgeous greenery. Along with this, many activities like bird watching and water boating are also included here. Here you can come to visit with your friends and family.

Bathinda Lake

After visiting the historic fort of Bathinda, now you would definitely like to visit natural places. Bathinda Lake is considered one of the most beautiful places in the city. There is a daily flow of tourists here. In the evening, there is a huge gathering of tourists on the banks of the lake. The greenery surrounding this lake adds to the charm. This lake also has boating facilities, which will make boats that look like shikaras in Kashmir. ( Famous place to visit in Kapurthala, Punjab )

Rose Garden

After the famous fort and beautiful lake, go to the city of flowers i.e. Rose Garden. Spread over an area of ​​more than 4 thousand square meters, this garden is famous all over Punjab for its various species of roses. This is such a place in Bathinda where you can go for a walk with family, friends or partner anytime. You will surely get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of this garden. This garden also has some exciting rides for kids.

Damdama Sahib Gurdwara

After visiting the fort, lake and garden, it is definitely necessary to visit any holy and religious place. The divine aura and peaceful atmosphere of Damdama Sahib Gurdwara place attracts tourists immensely. Let us tell you that Takht Shri Damdama Sahib Gurdwara is one of the 5th Takht of Sikhism. There is a legend about this place that the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh had prepared Sikh scriptures at this place, due to which there is always a crowd of followers of Sikhism.  

Bir Talab Zoo Bathinda

Spread over an area of about 161 acres, it is also known as Zoological Garden or Mini Zoo. This zoo is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Bathinda, which are a paradise for wildlife lovers. Every year thousands of tourists come here to visit.

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