Narmada Tourism

Named after the Narmada River, which flows through the district, Narmada is known for its scenic beauty, religious significance, and historical landmarks. It is home to several important pilgrimage sites, including the Omkareshwar Temple and the Maheshwar Fort.

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Narmada Tourism

The Narmada River, also known as the Rewa, is the fifth-longest river in the Indian subcontinent, and it flows through the central and western regions of India. The Narmada River is an important river in India, and it is considered sacred by many Hindus. The river is approximately 1,312 km long and originates from the Amarkantak Hills in Madhya Pradesh. The river flows through Gujarat and finally drains into the Arabian Sea.


The history of the Narmada River in Gujarat dates back to the ancient times of India. The Narmada River is believed to have been named after the goddess Narmada, who is believed to be the daughter of Lord Shiva. The river was also mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures like the Rigveda and the Mahabharata.

In the medieval era, the region surrounding the Narmada River in Gujarat was ruled by various dynasties like the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, and the Solankis. The Solankis were the last dynasty to rule the region, and they built many temples and forts along the Narmada River in Gujarat.


The Narmada River flows through the western region of India, and it passes through the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. In Gujarat, the river flows through the districts of Narmada, Bharuch, and Vadodara. The Narmada River in Gujarat is approximately 161 km long, and it is an important source of water for irrigation and industrial purposes.


The population of the Narmada River region in Gujarat is primarily made up of Hindus, with small numbers of Muslims and Christians. The region is predominantly rural, with agriculture being the main occupation of the people. The literacy rate in the Narmada River region in Gujarat is around 76%, which is higher than the national average.


The economy of the Narmada River region in Gujarat is primarily based on agriculture, with crops like cotton, tobacco, and sugarcane being grown in the region. The river also plays an important role in the economy of the region, as it provides water for irrigation and industrial purposes. The region is also known for its handloom industry, with many weavers producing traditional textiles like Bandhani and Patola.


The Narmada River region in Gujarat has a rich cultural heritage, with many festivals and fairs being celebrated in the region throughout the year. The region is known for its folk music and dance, with many traditional songs and dances being performed during festivals and weddings. The region is also known for its handicrafts, with many artisans producing items like pottery, woodwork, and embroidery.


The Narmada River region in Gujarat is a popular tourist destination, with many attractions like temples, forts, and wildlife sanctuaries. The region is home to many ancient temples like the Shoolpaneshwar Temple, the Kuber Bhandari Temple, and the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The Sardar Sarovar Dam is one of the largest dams in the world, and it is an important source of hydroelectric power in the region.

The Narmada River region in Gujarat is also home to many wildlife sanctuaries, like the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of animals like leopards, sloth bears, and crocodiles. The region is also known for its scenic beauty, with many places like the Kevadiya Colony

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