Nalbari Tourism

Nalbari is a small town located in the Nalbari district of Assam. The town is known for its rich cultural heritage and is home to several temples and historical sites, including the Hari Mandir and the Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary. Nalbari is also known for its beautiful landscapes, and the town is surrounded by hills, forests, and rivers. The town is also famous for its traditional handicrafts, including handloom weaving, pottery, and basketry.

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Nalbari Tourism

It is well known for temples. This place is most famous for nature tourism. The name Nalbari means a reed garden, assuring the most comfortable holiday in a calm and beautiful environment. Bilveshwar Temple is very popular (500 years) temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is good to visit this place during festival time. There is also a Buddhist temple here. Really worth watching. This destination in Assam is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and grand temples. Such as Bileshwar Temple, Hari Temple, Buddhist Temple etc. You can also visit places like Fengwa Rampart Fort. Mahamara Angardhova can also visit this famous bird watching place in Assam Sonkuriha.

There is a lot to see and explore here. The Bileshwar temple here is more than 500 years old. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Sripur Devalay temple is dedicated to Parvati. Basudev Devalay and Hari Mandir are other temples. Raas Mahotsav is celebrated with much pomp. Daulashal Temple is also old and famous and attracts crowds from near and far. There is also a Buddhist temple located only 30 km from Nalbari. A Jain temple is located in the city of Nalbari. If you are nature enthusiast and like to watch birds. So Sonkuri is such a place, thousands of migratory birds visit this place during the winter season. Mahamar Pukhuri is a famous and quite old lake. Tourists buy handloom saris or pat muga saris which are famous all over the world.

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