Goalpara Tourism

Goalpara district is located in the western part of Assam and is known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. The district is home to several wildlife sanctuaries, such as the Manas National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Goalpara is also famous for its traditional handicrafts, such as bamboo and cane products.

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Goalpara Tourism

Goalpara is a district located in the western part of the Indian state of Assam. The district is located between the Brahmaputra River and the Meghalaya hills, and is surrounded by the districts of Kamrup, Nalbari, Barpeta, Bongaigaon, and Dhubri. The district is home to a rich cultural heritage and has a diverse population comprising different ethnic communities. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Goalpara's history, geography, demographics, economy, culture, and tourism.


The history of Goalpara dates back to ancient times. The district was ruled by various dynasties such as the Koch, Ahom, and Moghul empires before the British came to power. The British established their control over Goalpara in the early 19th century and made it a part of their Bengal Presidency. During the British rule, Goalpara was an important center of trade and commerce. The district was also a center of anti-British activities during India's struggle for independence.


Goalpara is located between 25.08°N and 26.22°N latitudes and 89.50°E and 91.26°E longitudes. The district covers an area of 1,824 square kilometers and has a population of around 1.1 million people. The district is characterized by hills, forests, and rivers. The Brahmaputra River flows through the district, dividing it into two parts. The district is also home to several other rivers such as the Dudhnoi, Krishnai, and Jinjiram. The district is known for its natural beauty and biodiversity.


The population of Goalpara district is diverse and comprises different ethnic communities. The district has a significant Muslim population, followed by Hindus and Christians. The district is also home to several indigenous communities such as the Rabha, Bodo, Garo, and Koch. The official language of the district is Assamese, but other languages such as Bengali, Hindi, and English are also spoken.


The economy of Goalpara is primarily based on agriculture. The district is known for its paddy fields and produces a significant amount of rice. Other crops grown in the district include jute, sugarcane, mustard, and vegetables. The district also has a significant livestock population, and dairy farming is an important activity. The district is home to several small-scale industries such as handloom weaving, bamboo craft, and pottery. The district also has a significant fishing industry, with several fish farms located along the Brahmaputra River.


The culture of Goalpara is diverse and reflects the district's multi-ethnic population. The district is home to several indigenous communities, each with its unique culture and traditions. The Rabha community, for instance, is known for its folk music and dance. The Bodo community is known for its colorful attire and traditional dance forms such as Bagurumba. The district is also home to several festivals such as Bihu, Eid, Christmas, and Durga Puja. The district's cuisine is also diverse and includes dishes such as fish curry, bamboo shoot pickle, and pitha.


Goalpara is a popular tourist destination, known for its natural beauty, wildlife, and historical sites. The district is home to several wildlife sanctuaries such as the Manas National Park and the Orang National Park, which are home to several endangered species such as the Indian rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, and Asian elephant. The district is also home to several historical sites such as the Agia Mosque, which was built during the Mughal era, and the Annapurna Mandir, a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Annapurn.

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