Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a north eastern state of India. There are immense possibilities of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh the multicultural culture of Arunachal and adjacent to the border of Bhutan China and Myanmar and the Himalayan lap. This place is extremely important for tourism. Arunachal Pradesh is also called the Orchid Paradise of India. The glittering peak of the snow-covered mountains the beautiful instruments the leafy leaves of the forest the winding flow of water from the tight places the hymns of Buddhist monks make not only Arunachal Pradesh beautiful but also attract tourists. A variety of flora and fauna is the main feature of Arunachal Pradesh.

In Arunachal on the one hand the celebration of various tribal groups is a living tradition of their folk music whereas on the other side there are lush high mountains dense forests and the Balakhati roads passing through it that make people enchanting. Sun is the first of all in Tawang in India and tourists also come to visit it. 

Hundreds of wildlife and pests of insects are easily possible in Ardhachal Ardachal. Various types of trees found here are special for researchers and rivers falling from the mountains provide an adventure opportunity for water sports. There is no better place for rafting than this. Snowfall is enjoyable on the border of China then Rainforest is a boon for researchers. 

If you like adventure then there is a lot of opportunity for you in Arunachal Pradesh. People of Arunachal Pradesh are quite ordinary and very proud. More than 26 tribes live in the state and they are still associated with their art and culture. Like other tourist destinations the local people here do not cheat tourists but instead they are cheated. Along with this many tribal festivals are celebrated throughout the year with dance and music.