Chittoor Tourism

Chittoor is one of the major cities in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is established on the banks of the Ponnai River. Reaching Chittoor should not be a problem as it is located on roadways as well as railways and NH4 which connects Bangalore and Chennai. Chittoor has a tropical climate with very warm summers and pleasant winters. The most common languages spoken here are Telugu and Tamil. The production of ground and sugarcane is the most prominent source of the economy. Textile industries like silk also thrive here. The main attractions of the city are Ram Vilas Sabha, Horsley Hills, Talcona, Gurramkonda Fort, Shiva Temple and Temple of Lord Venkateshwara. The ideal time to visit Chitur is October-February when the weather is not very hot.

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Chittoor Tourism

The headquarters of Anantapur district is the largest wacky district in the state of North India by Kadapa and Chittoor in the east and in the south and west by the state of Karnataka. And one of the famous tourist destinations is the most unique and wacky tourist route for the grand architecture and repository of murals of the Lepashivijaynagar kings, which is lacking in all the places of all the wandering throughout the year, the capital vijayanagar after the fall of the Humpy.

The chief ruled as his subordinates. Later, it came under the authority of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan, which is built at 198 km away from Anantapur. Chintala Venkataraman Swami Temple and Bugga Ramalingeshwar Swami Temple in Tadiptri, which are some of the famous tourist destinations of the district. Who are soaked to see. The British made Anantapur a part of their treaty with the Nizams. Anantapur district was formed in 1882 when it was separated from Bellary district. Sir Thomas Monroe was the first collector. It is the largest district in the state located in the north by Kurnool.

Area: 15,152

Climate: Tropical

Temperature Range :

Summer: Max 43°C, Min 30°C. (116.9F - 81.56F Approx.)
Winter: Max 29°C, Min 21°C. (78.84F - 57F Approx.)

908.1 mm Seasonal

The Chittoor district is bounded by Tamilnadu State in the South and East, Karnataka State in the West, Cuddapah and Anantapur Districts in the North directions.

Papaghni, Koundinya, Paleru, Aarani, Swarnamukhi.

Major Places:
Madanapalli, Srikalahasthi, Chittoor, Tirupathi, Renugunta.

Sugar, Textile, Alcohol, Moped, Railway wagon workshop, Star - Tech  Ceramics, Brass and Copper.

Tourist Places:
Horsely Hills, Chandragiri Hills, Kailasakona waterfalls, Kalyani Dam, Nagari Hills, Madanapalle, Pisatur Araniyar Project, Puttur village, Thalakona waterfalls, Silathoranam, Papanasanam, Kaundinya Sanctuary and Sri Venkateswara Sanctuary and National Park.

Pilgrimage Centers: Tirupati, Srikalahasthi, Tiruchunur, Sri Kanipakam.

Handicrafts: Wooden crafts, Kalamkari and Bell Metal and stone crafts.

How to reach Chittoor

It is very easy to reach here, as the city is connected to all major cities of India by air, rail and road. If you are thinking of coming here by air, the nearest airport here is Tirupati Airport, which is located at a distance of about 60 kilometres from here. Talk about the nearest railway station which is Chittoor Junction. Trains come from all major cities of India regularly. You can also easily come here by road, as air-conditioned buses from all major cities come directly here.

When to come Chittoor?

Andhra Pradesh has a lot of heat. It will not be a sensible decision to come here in the summer season, so you can come anytime between September and February. Since the temperature remains around 20 to 25 degrees.

Tourist Attractions

S.No  Tourist Spot Theme Place
 1 Akasa Ganga Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 2 Chandragiri Fort Monuments   Chandragiri  
 3 Goddess Alamelumanga Temple Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 4 Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mandir Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 5 Horsley Hills Hills & Valleys   Madanapalle  
 6 Kalyana Venateshwara Temple, Narayanavanam Pilgrim Centres   Narayanavanam  
 7 Kanipakam Pilgrim Centres   Kanipakam  
 8 Kapilatirtham Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 9 Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary Wild Life   Palamaneru  
 10 Kodandarama swamy Temple Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 11 Lord Venkateswara Temple Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 12 Nagalapuram Temple Pilgrim Centres   Nagalapuram  
 13 Sila Thoranam Leisure Spots   Tirupati  
 14 Sri Agastheswara Swamy Temple Pilgrim Cetres   Tirupati  
 15 Sri Kalahasthisvara Temple, Kalahasthi Pilgrim Centres   Kalahasthi  
 16 Sri Kalahasti Pilgrim Centres   Kalahasthi  
 17 Sri Venkateswara Sanctuary Wild Life   Tirupati  
 18 Swami Pushkarini Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 19 Talakona Hills & Valleys   Talakona  
 20 The Govindarajaswami Temple Pilgrim Centres   Tirupati  
 21 Tiruchanur Pilgrim Centres    
State :
Andhra Pradesh

How to Reach Chittoor

Complete List of Tehsils in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

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