Kamla Nagar Market

They get access to accessories and when it comes to Ladies shopping there is a lot to be found in this market. The roads here are spread out in spherical form due to a large intersection where there are many showrooms all around if you have to make tattoos or make a theme makeup Kamla Nagar Market is absolutely perfect for you. Kamala Market of Delhi is surrounded by a long road and There is a long market with shops on both sides and in the surrounding streets. Here you will get clothes from both Indian and international brands. 

Kamla Nagar Market is one of the most beautiful markets with retail stores and restaurants on the lower floors and most of the residential quarters on the upper floors. Here most book-sellers can see the office of publishers and publishers. The McDonald and Domino outlets located here are the center of attraction among regular youth. Kamla city market is closed on Monday.

Shopping in Kamla Nagar Market

The Kamala Nagar market is very special for college girls especially those who are studying in DU. This market is not less than any treasure for girls' accessories such as smart shirts trousers shoes and accessories jewelery artificial tips and stylish necklaces. You can buy from here ranging from Rs 30-40 to stylish necklaces in the range of 100-250 rupees. Here bangles hair clips and costume ornaments are also available. You can also buy bridal dress ethnic dress and Sherwani from Kamala Nagar Market. . Apart from this you get to see the best collection of Sherwani here. Here you can also see a good variety of handbags and shoes. Where it comes clothes then you get good and trendy clothes here. Both clothing quality and design are excellent. Here Western All types of clothes are found in Indian and Indewestern. You can buy a set of dhoti-kurta style dresses in a range of around 600 rupees then we suggest you go here once.

Food in Kamla Nagar Market

In the afternoon or night after applying hunger is natural then arrangements are also made here in Kamala Nagar you are also famous for all types of good restaurants such as Vaishnav Chatt Lakshmi Sweets Bill De Hatti and Gopal Sweet's Shop. He is known for his Buddha Puri Samosa Jalebi and Kachauri.

Kamla Nagar Market Closed day - Monday

Opening Time: - 11am to 9pm in the morning

Bus / Metro: - Vishvidalaya Metro Station on yellow line.