Raj Ghat: Know Interesting Facts About Raj Ghat in Delhi

Who does not know about the Rajghat of Delhi is the site of Mahatma Gandhi's place so that after his assassination on January 30 1948 this place is situated on the bank of Yamuna River reminds him of his untiring efforts and contribution towards India's independence.

This site equipped with a lush orchard has become the center of attraction of the salon where many tourists visit thousands of distances from a distance the salon can enjoy the charming atmosphere here. 

We all often see many Indian and foreign tourists being offered flowers at Mahatma Gandhi's tomb. This shows the significance of this place from the fact that any migratory delegation who came to India has come to Raj Ghat and is dedicated to the Pushpangali. To respect and honor Mahatma Gandhi it is mandatory and as per the respect before every visitor enters the Memorial site they are removed there shoes.

Not only is there the sight of Mahatma Gandhi's memorial but there are also monuments of many other important politicians who have ruled India near this shrine site. Among them include Shantivan of Jawaharlal Nehru Vijayghat of Lal Bahadur Shastri the power station of Indira Gandhi the place of unity of Giani Jail Singh and the heroic land of Rajiv Gandhi. 

Tourist Attractions in Raj Ghat

The samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi a priest of non-violence reminds him of his simple and struggling life. There is also a lush garden. Where the lovers can enjoy the charming atmosphere of this place. The Gandhi Museum is near Rajghat. Where a unique collection of many things related to Mahatma Gandhi fascinates the tourists. Rajghat is also able to see Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's Samadhi Shanti One Samadhi of Lal Bahadur Shastri Vijay Ghat and Samadhi Shakti Kendra of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Interesting and important information about Raj Ghat:

  • Mahatma Gandhi's Samadhi Rajghat has been built with black stone and the place where this Samadhi was made Mahatma Gandhi's last rites were performed. 
  • This monument is made up of a square structure made of black marble and a flame always keeps burning near this tombstone. 
  • Rajghat is located on the banks of river Yamuna in Delhi there are two museums which will take you back in the old time if you are going to Rajghat then you must definitely go to see these museums too. This museum will inspire you with every aspect of India's independence. 
  • The last words of Gandhiji "Hey Ram" are inscribed on the black marble and those decorated with yellow marigold
  • Every year a special function is organized on Gandhi's birthday and death anniversary
  • There is also a Gandhi Memorial Museum where a film is shown – between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm except on Thursday – about his life and philosophy. It is also presented on Sunday in Hindi at 4 pm and at 5 pm it is shown in English.
  • From Prime Minister to the President on 2 October big leaders of the country come here to pay homage to Bapu
  • Here prayers are organized every Friday in memory of Mahatma Gandhi because he was murdered on Friday.
  • Rajghat is spread over a large area where many big celebrities of the world have planted trees including Queen Elizabeth II US President Eisenhower Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitman and Vietnam's big leader Ho Chi Minh. 
  • Besides Mahatma Gandhi's samadhi in Rajghat there is also a tomb of other big leaders of the country. In the north of Rajghat India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's samadhi is located peacefully. 
  • The tomb of Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi is also situated in the north of Rajghat. Rajiv Gandhi was shot dead in 1991. 
  • Rajghat is also located near K R Narayan Memorial Solidarity site and the Memorial Power Station of Lal Bahadur Shastri. 

Time -  6.30 am to 6 pm
Entry into this Memorial - is  free.
Camera fee -  nothing.
Address:  Behind Red Fort New Delhi Delhi 110006
Phone:  011 2567 5609
Metro: (Pragati Maidan Metro Station)
Website: http://moud.gov.in/rajghat
Railway Station:  New Delhi
Location: Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Ring Rd.) Delhi India


S.No Day Visit Timing
1 Monday 6:30 am-6pm
2 Tuesday 6:30 am-6pm
3 Wednesday 6:30 am-6pm
4 Thursday 6:30 am-6pm
5 Friday 6:30 am-6pm
6 Saturday 6:30 am-6pm
7 Sunday 6:30 am-6pm

Best Time to Visit Raj Ghat

Fiends Are you planning to visit during the summer season there is huge amount of humidity and heat of the city can cause dehydration. As We Know the Monsoons are always a hindrance for outdoor sightseeing. Thus it is better to You to come this place in the winter season. As we Know the Winter Season starts in Month of October and ends in March. The climate is pleasing and clear for sightseeing and You can stay for some time is this Green Place And If you visit during the anniversary of any of the leaders whose memorial is found hereThere you can get a crowded and you can even watch people paying their tribute.

Tourist Attractions Near Raj Ghat

After roaming around Rajghat near Rajghat you can also visit other tourist sites near you. You can go to Veer Land Sangram Bhawan National Gandhi Museum Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Samata Sitar Ferozeshah Kotla Fort and Kisan Ghat. 

Entry Fee and Visiting Time of Raj Ghat

Rajghat is open throughout the day and throughout the complete year. And No entry charge or camera charge is imposed on any of the visitors.

How to reach Raj Ghat  

By Air -  Delhi is Indira Gandhi Airport from where you can reach Rajghat via metro bus or cab 
By Rail -  New Delhi Railway Station and Old Delhi Railway Station Rajghat is closest to these railway stations from major cities of the country There is a direct train service for the station. 
By Road:  Due to being the capital of India Delhi is directly connected to the major cities of the country. You can also reach here via the tour operator bus or private operator of the state government in Delhi.