Lotus temple

The Lotus Temple located in New Delhi India look like a flower is opened in January 1 1987 this in itself is a unique temple and it is also called Temple of the Baha'i or workplace of Baha'i. Because of the people of the Baha'i was built in 1986 December 24 But for the masses the temple was opened on January 1 1987. It is a unique temple; here is neither idol nor any religious rituals we found. Baha'i House of Worship is one of those temples where the pride peace and excellent atmosphere are enlightened as any faithful spiritually is essential to encourage. The Lotus Temple look like Flower Especially in the evening when it throws light on the colorful adorable so it feels great.

Lotus you may be aware that it is a white flower which blooms in the mud. Nevertheless it remains extremely beautiful looks and clean. Hence the lotus symbolizes the purity and peace is also considered here. Inspired by the lotus many temples built by the people of the Baha'i Faith whom we have known as the Lotus Temple. The temple is located in Nehru Place your Delhi. It is also known by the name of the Baha'i House and in Hindi we call it the Baha'i worship center. It attracts people of every religion and pray peacefully. You'll be surprised to learn that can seat 1300 people at a time.

This temple is so huge that its height is 34.27 meters and its diameter is 70 meters. Worldwide there are 7 temples which includes temple in Delhi. This temple built in 1986 in Delhi. The map was created by architect name Friberj Shba. The temple is an information center where 400 people can sit at the bar and can learn about here. This temple is so beautiful to see it in quite a number of worldwide tourists. The temple has 9 gateways and its surrounding reservoir 9. Seeing the temple here you feel like someone has put a huge lotus. is much greenery around it making it among the temple from the outside you'll like too.

Especially in the winter evenings when the colorful lights are lit on the temple and it looks so beautiful. This temple is magnificent.. Do you know that together can seat 1300 people at a time. This temple is so huge that its height is 34.27 meters and its diameter is 70 meters. Moreover the temple has 9 gateways and around 9 reservoirs. They bloom in the door and then put the reservoir are its beauty this temple also keep the inside cool environments.