Gandhi Nagar Market

Gandhi Nagar Market

Today we are telling you about such markets in Delhi, which is Delhi's biggest wholesale market, if you want to shop for your shop or business, or if you want to buy coat paint or sherwani for your wedding, come go to this market whose name is Gandhi Nagar Market of Delhi, if you have to buy clothes for children and boys then here you will find clothes very cheap. This is a wholesale market in which you can shop.

Gandhi Nagar Bazar, located at Subhash Road, Delhi, is called India's cheapest Textile Cloth Market. Gandhi Nagar is a middle-income commercial-cum-residential area in the East Delhi district of Delhi in the Trans-Yamuna area. It is most known for Gandhi Nagar Market, which is Asia’s biggest readymade garments/textile market. Gandhi nagar has a large number of shops and factories. So if you go to Delhi then take an empty bag with you, because whatever goes in this market, she comes out by purchasing a bag full of clothes. In just a thousand rupees, you can shop for a year from here.

This is a wholesale market

There are jeans or t-shirts or shirts all in 3 to 12 pieces. You will have to buy these clothes just like this. Single Piece You Can not Buy

Three shirts in a shirt price

As we have said, this is a wholesale market then here you will get three shirts set much cheaper than the rest of the market. For excerpts, if you bought T-shirts of small children for Rs 150 and also got 3 pieces, then a T-shirt cost you Rs 50.

Jeans Rs. 140

In this market you will find jeans in 140 rupees. Here also you will have to take 3 to 4 pieces. You will get the most expensive jeans in 350 rupees. Here you will find jeans from 22 to 40 size. You will find the same jeans of a color in a set.

It A bargin Market

There is a lot of bargin in this market even after such a low price. And keep in mind that if you do not do bargin, then you   can also cheat. You can get a cloth that you can find on the other shop very cheaply. Whenever you come here, then burgin. Rates may be even lower Tops and suits for girls or boys coat paint, jeans, shirts or western look Shervani, trendy look long kurta pajamas are easily found in all wholesale rates. Boys 'shots and girls' saris will also be found. There are no handful of second hand clothes available here. All proc items are found here.

Four decades ago, the tracks were decorated Gandhinagar Market

The shape of the Gandhinagar market has changed, which has been lined with tracks four decades ago. Now big stores are open here. Not only in Delhi but also around the country, traders come to Gandhinagar's wholesale market to buy readymade garments.

Outside merchants easily get the goods

This market in Delhi proves to be very relaxing for the outside trader. Here every freight and every company's goods are easily available in bulk rate. Due to this facility, this market is developing in the form of a hub.

Future is bright of this Market

For advancement in the Garments industry are attracting people due to higher opportunities for advancement in the Garments industry. The future of this industry is very bright. Gandhinagar Market will grow in the coming days as the hub of garments.

The center of the attraction of market traders

The traders who came from outside easily find clothes made of Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jabalpur, Kanpur and Ludhiana easily in a market. This has given the trader a break from the run-of-the-road. This is the reason that this market is becoming a center of attraction for traders.

Nearest Metro Station to Gandhinagar Market

It comes near Seelampur Metro Station, which is near West Kantinagar

Which day is Gandhi Nagar Market Delhi closed?

Timings: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm; closed on Mondays

Must-Buy Items: Shirts, suits, readymade garments, dupattas, kurtas

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