Daryaganj: The Sunday Book Market, Are You a Book Lover So this is For You .....

Friends you will hear about Delhi's Daryaganj market. Today we will tell you what is the special thing in this market that you can buy the most crowded market in the Daryaganj market. But here you will find all the books. The best selling book and out of print book here you will find Daryaganj market is considered the largest book market in the world.

Daryaganj book market is a paradise for any book buff - prices are cheap and options are endless. Daryaganj demand is relatively easy. It is very easy to reach there by taking any or all of the buses in Chavadi market. Alternatively one can take himself directly into the book market or from the Ajmer gate of New Delhi Railway Station.

If you also want to see this market then tell you that this market takes place only on Sunday and the best time to reach here is around 9 o'clock because most shops are open for business. Your market opens at 7 a.m. but till 9 pm this place is suitable for you to roam. Up on any Sunday this market can be eradicated and the books used here mostly get cheap price and good type of out-of-print books are not easily available to buyers so that they attract dariyaganj market buyers is

Every Sunday in Daryaganj book book on Asaf Ali Marg and New Subhash Marg draws every class youth and literature lovers where people from far and near buy cheap books. These markets are being seen on Delhi's Ali Marg and New Subhash Marg since about 1965 where you get monthly knowledge of general education and government jobs along with books of various courses along with expensive and rare books in kilos.

Therefore there is a special waiting for Sunday book lovers. From Premchandra Jaishankar Prasad Agnewayee and Nirala the books of today's popular writer Chetan Bhagat and Kumar Vishwas will be found. Apart from this children's books are also available in 10 rupees while the books with exciting stories get in the range of Rs 100-200 per kg.

With the opening of school-college the demand for textbooks has increased by 70 to 80 percent. Among them are books of science arts and mathematics as well as other topics. Dinesh Lal who sold the book told that it was already prepared for it. Besides the college books in the Daryaganj Sunday book market demand for books other than financial accounting engineering polytechnics IAS PCS has increased while their prices have been sold for 50 to 80 percent less than print.

How to get there

As we know this market is only set up on Sundays. The nearest metro station is either Chandni Chowk or Chawri Bazaar. You can take a rickshaw from either. You can also take your car or bike to the market and since most of the shops are closed on Sundays you will be able to find parking fairly easily. Also buses ply frequently to Daryaganj from across Delhi. The market begins from Asaf Ali Road to Netaji Subhash Marg. A very easy way to understand the layout of the market is to remember that it begins right after Delite cinema (when the cinema is to your left) and follows the road until Golcha cinema.