Chor Bazaar: Know Everything About Chor Bazaar!! How to Buy something from There.. Its Important Before Go..

Delhi as the small name the city is bigger than it. Delhi is the heart of the people of Delhi. People like to shop in less money than being fond of food here. Anyway who does not like to shop in less money? 

Friends if you want to roam in Delhi and want to make some cheap market here you are talking about a market in Delhi where things are easily available at low prices. There is hardly any shake in Delhi which does not know about this market spread from Jama Masjid to Dariaganj. This market is famous as the 'thief market'. The thief market is located near Lajpat Rai Market.

Here you will find good things at a lower price but it is no guarantee of how long it will last so here you can think of the market here.

Here you can get everything from electronic items. The thief market literally means "thieves market". Now we will tell you something amazing about the thief market. Discussion of the thief market in Delhi will also be heard in the film in order to know the true truth of this market.

If someone tells you that shopping at 6 am you will definitely call him stupid. But the case here is different. It is considered to be a very busy time for shopping at 6.00 in the morning.

If you want to roam the thief market then tell you that the time to go there is at 6 am and this time is the perfect time to go there. You will find all the accessories you need the clothes in the thief market Shoes and books are full of stuff. It will get you the accessories of every variety. Here the market starts with clothes and ends with electronic salmon and hardware tools.

It is like hearing a name like stolen goods but expensive items not used in big houses are available here. The thief market can easily get you used in your home and wear things very cheaply. like... 

  1. Leather Goods
    Here you can easily find leather shoes stylish slippers and royal look sandals with very little money. Which you will find very expensive to buy from a different market.
  2. Cheap Cameras
    If you  are searching for cheap cameras and you want a good camera then come in the morning and take a look at the thief market. The cameras you probably could not buy from outside you will find it here at an affordable price. For example Panasonic's video camera which costs 1 lakh 10 thousand gets it here at 7 thousand rupees. But check any device carefully before you take it out. If you can turn it off several times. Otherwise you can cheat
  3. Gymnasiums Accessories 
    If you want to buy Gymnasiums Accessories you can also take dumbbells from here. 
  4. Gadgets
    If the budget does not seem to buy expensive phones thieves can come to the market to take their favorite phones. You can also sell your old remote and gadgets too. 
  5. Books
    if you keep reading books then here you will get all kinds of books. You can take your favorite book at a cheap price.

It is important to keep these things about Chor Bazaar:

  1. Here hundreds of shops are on the road. Because of this on this is Sunday Market and all the shops are closed before taking any luggage rate it in many places in the market and test it.
  2. It would be good if you go with someone who has a sense of gadgets and technology.
  3. If you come here with 2-3 friends then it will be very good. There are plenty of Bergen here and the wallets roam a lot. In addition if you ask me about any rate the shopkeeper will do a lot to sell that stuff then meditate are. 
  4. Check it well before taking a second hand or a new device. If you can turn it off several times.
  5. Before taking a laptop try it for a while. Also go to Device Manager and check its configuration.
  6. Keep in mind that you can not get old stuff in the new packing.

Where is the thief market:

  1. This thief market appears in front of the Red Fort in Delhi. Which spans approximately 2.5 kilometers.
  2. This market only takes place on Sundays. Whose time ranges from 4 a.m. to 4 a.m.
  3. There are many items in addition to phone old remote old fan pen drive memory card LED light power bank ear or headphone TV speaker.
  4. You can also sell your old item here.