Bhajanpura Market

The Bhajanpura market of North East Delhi is considered to be the second most prominent market after the Shahdara in the Yamunapar region of North East Delhi. Teej is celebrated on the festivals here. It is a famous market between Loni and Wazirabad.

People get all kinds of things in one place. Because of this this market is quite famous in the surrounding area. If it is called the shopping season in the party season then there will be nothing wrong. In such a way people come from far and wide to shop in Bhajanpura market from the needs of the house to the decorations are easily available.

If you are looking for a market where you get all the things of latest fashion then the Bhajanpura market will be the best for you. For women this market is not less than a jannat. This market was started with the first few stores but today there are more than five hundred shops in this market. Here's a fair-like situation from morning to evening. Especially this market is quite fame for things related to women. Here all the needs of women are found in one place. In this market along with the traditional julari the artificial jewelery is also found in very cheap prices.