Perfect Places To Visit For the people of Delhi and Noida

Many of us are people who like to walk on weekends. In such a situation he is looking for such places where he can roam in a day. At the same time they want to go to such places where the budget can also be seen at least. Come we are going to tell you such destines for a one-day trip where you can roam in a low budget for two days. For the Delhi-Noida people this destination is more special.

Jaisalmer is also called Golden City. It is about 480 km away from Delhi. In Jaisalmer situated in the heart of the Thar Desert you can also ride a bike ride a car. This will be a different experience. If you are fond of sports then this place is very special for you.
Shimla Himachal Pradesh's capital is known for its beautiful pleasures but here you can relax and enjoy adventure as well. In Shimla 360 km away from Delhi there will be a chance to do trekking and rock climbing in addition to riding a toy train. This is a perfect tourist spot where you will have many experiences in one place and every moment will be memorable.
If you have a passion for paragliding then you have the best of luck. You will see four more dense forests in the Nukuchiyal called 'paraglider's paradise'. This famous tourist place of Uttarakhand is about 300 km from Delhi. It is considered the best time to go from March to June and from October to December.
To do something exciting you do not need to go too far. Sohna is the perfect place for her in Haryana just 40 km away from Delhi. Here you can sit in the balloon and see the scenes around it. It flies about 5000 feet above the ground. Enjoying the forests and mountains from such a height is the only fun. By the way there is no limit to the age that is the whole family can enjoy it.
Jim Corbett
Located near Nainital Jim Corbett is famous for big wild animals such as lions elephants but you can also enjoy many types of adventure sports around it. In Jim Corbett 226 km from Delhi you can compete for many adventure games like rock climbing mountain biking tracking. You can also enjoy river rafting nearby.