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Whenever you are going your journey by delhi metro you need to read the tips and rules carefully which are strictly followed by the Delhi metro rail.

  • 1). There is need of a valid token or smart card when you entered in metro if you are caught travelling without it you will punished by a fine of Rs. 50/-.
  • 2). Smoking, drinking and eating is prohibited inside station premises and metros station or train else you will punished by a fine of Rs. 200/- or more.
  • 3). Whenever you buy smartcard the minimum price will be Rs. 100 in which Rs. 50 will be as security charges and will be refundable and rest is your travelling charge.
  • 4). Passenger are not to allowed to Carrying flammable material, firearms and explosives in the metro area and it is punishable up to 4 years of imprisonment and a fine up to Rs. 5000/-.
  • 5). Pets are not allowed inside the metros.
  • 6). Maximum baggage capacity allowed is 15 kg, not exceeding 60*45 cm.
  • 7). There are seats are reserved for ladies,children and old persons so please provides the seat to who someone need it more than you.
  • 8). Do not sit,or run at the floor inside the metro or moving escalators.
  • 9). Stand back from the yellow line at the platform level.
  • 10). Don't try to throw bags metro area.
  • 11). Please keep the distance from other passenger.
  • 12). Smart card holder must ensure proper entry and exit at the AFC Gates.
  • 13). Don't Smoke, peak in the metro area.
  • 14). Give the incident report for the train operator by pressing PEA Button available near the metro gate but if it is not needed then it is a punishable offence.
  • 15). Male Passenger Don't Try to entered in the first coach in the moving direction of the metro train because it is reserved for the female passenger and it is a punishable offence.

Offences within Metro Premises and Penalties

Offence Penalty
Drunkenness or nuisance on Metro Railway Fine upto Rs 500/- and forfeiture of ticket/passess he's holding
Maliciously hurting or attempt to hurt passengers on Metro Railway Life imprisonment or imprisonment upto 10 years
Endangering passenger safety by rash or negligent act or omission imprisonment upto 1 year or fine or both
Endangering passenger safety by willful act or omission Imprisonment upto 7 years
Carrying offensive material Fine upto Rs. 500/
Carrying dangerous material Imprisonment upto 4 years and fine upto Rs. 5000/-
Demonstration, sticking posters, unauthorized graffiti Imprisonment upto 6 months or fine upto Rs. 1000/- or both
Unauthorized entry Imprisonment upto 3 months or fine upto Rs 250/- or both
Walking on the metro track Improsonment upto 6 months or fine upto Rs 500/- or both
Unauthorized selling on Metro Railway Fine upto Rs 500/- or improsonment upto 6 months
Unauthorized sale of tickets Improsonment upto 3 months or fine upto Rs 500/- or both
Obstructing metro operations Improsonment upto 4 years or fine upto Rs 5000/- or both
Obstructing a Metro official from his duties Imprisonment upto 1 year or fine upto Rs 1000/- or both
Traveling withoutticket or beyond authorized distance Imprisonment upto 1 month or fine upto Rs 50/- or both
Needless interference with means of communication, misuse of alarm Imprisonment upto 1 years of fine upto Rs 1000/- or both
Defacing public notices Imprisonment upto 2 months or fine upto Rs 250/- or both
Wrecking trains, track and acts of subotage Life imprisonment or rigrous imprisonment upto 10 yars or death sentence
Damage to Metro Railways property Imprisonment upto 10 years
False claim of compensation Imprisonment upto 3 yars or fine or both

*Source: Delhi Metro Print Material