Best place to food and drink in Delhi

This Delhi is known throughout the country for its delicious Street Restaurant. Anyone who goes to Delhi, they do not forget to enjoy delicious food by visiting these places and not only famous celebrities go to these places. There is a lot of place where there are recipes to be made several years ago.

Delhis some delicious street food

The street of Paratha is located in Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. This street is renowned for the huge number of paratha sale shops. However, we all eat parathas in our home. But whenever you go to Delhi, you do not forget to come here and eat paratha and it is very famous among the local people. Specially, people eat it in breakfast. With different butter and staffing, different types of parathas are prepared and its dazzling taste makes it a good street food in Delhi.

Chandni Chowks Famous Chatch

In Chandni Chowk, Delhi, you will find plenty of tasting and flavored dish in it. There will be lots of lickers of Lal Babu Chatta. It is famous and situated near Chandni Chowk. Tasty flavored chaat is prepared in Delhis venomous form. It is not worth the cost but its price remains in your own budget. You will not complain about the taste of the taste of cabbage peas here.

Delhis famous curd bhalley

Does not miss the taste of Delhis delicious food even if it is expensive and no matter how cheap it may be, even if it does not like who tastes the taste. Here, the famous curd is filled with soaked lentil and Sour on them - sweet fresh green chutney makes it more tasty and tasty. On top of it, yogurt is served by putting it on top of the calf and which is very sweet. In Delhi, the likes of youth will taste tastes of different tastes of youth, it can be eaten with tomato ketchup, chili sauce or mamos chutney.

Junk food

Cholele - This is a very popular snack among Samoas junk fried foods. If you want some bitterness then drain the green chutney and enjoy the exquisite taste of tasty chickpeas.

Rabri Faluda

Rabri faluda is full of caramelized milk and dry fruits. Although it is not very sweet So often people like this Sweet Desert here.


There are many types of kebabs, Kakori kebabs ranged from Galoti and Shami Kebab. All these kebabs are full of spices and quite delicious.