Delhi Metro Fares

Delhi/NCR Metro has a fully automatic fare calculation of the Fares start with minimum Rs.10. Metro cards are available of Rs.200 and more and maximun value is Rs. 3000/- and save up to 10% on usual fares.  And in Out of Peak hour here are extra discount using metro card hour.  Delhi Metro also provide the extra discount on the weekends. You can find more information Here...

According to DMRC the fares of Delhi metro Rail is start from 8 Rs to 30 Rs. and pay in two for either in the form of token or in the form of Smart Card . The smart card provides 10% discount in journey. Passenger can get the smart card at the minimum cost of 100 Rs. out of which Rs.50/ is refundable security charge. The Smart Card can be recharged from Rs 100 to 1000 Rs and it valid for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase the card or one year from the last recharge date whichever is later. It can be renewed for Rs. 5/-. 

Here are the revised Delhi metro fare hike rates according to distance[/caption The token can be purchased from any of the ticket counter on the metro station. These tokens and cards are required to open the gates to reach the paid areas that lead to the platforms. and the token are valid for single journey and need to be dropped in machine while exiting from the metro station. There is another smart card for tourist for Rs. 150 for one day and it can be used unlimited travel and 50 Rs. is security charge which is refundable. Tourist smart card card also available for 3 days in the cost of Rs. 300 and 50 rs as security Charge as refundable. [routemap src="/maps/delhi-metro-rail-map.jpg"

Delhi Metro Provides 10% Extra discount to the passengers who using smart cards during off peak hour based on the following time zones:

  • Starts of revenue service to 8:00 AM.
  • From 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM 
  • From 09:00 PM to closing of The delhi Metro Service.

Here Are Two Types of Tourist cards avalable which can be for one dayand three days which are valid for unlimited travel which respectively:

  • 1 Days Tourist Card: Rs. 200 
  • 3 Days Tourist Card: Rs 500

These information is taken from Delhi Metro Official Website : Click Here.