Chhatarpur Temple

Chhatarpur Temple in Delhi is one of the most important religious temple of the hindus. Chhatarpur Temple is located in South Delhi-Chhatarpur , just 4 km away from Qutub Minar.
Chattarpur Mandir is sited at a distance of approximately 4 km from the famous Qutab Minar in the Mehrauli area of Delhi. A beautiful monument, the Chatarpur temple of Delhi is built in both the South Indian as well as North Indian style of architecture. It is made up of immaculate white marble and sprawls over a large area with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens. THis is quick information aboutthe Chhatarpur Temple in Delhi so lets read in detail.

Raghunath Temple

The Temple is Popularly known as following the area, Shri Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth Mandir or even Chattarpur Temple would be the minute most significant temple intricate in India, following Akshardham temple, likewise situated in Delhi.

Who built Chhatarpur Temple

 Chhatarpur Temple built in 1974 by means of Baba Sant Nagpal Ji, The temple is made solely from marble.

The particular presiding deity in the temple is actually Goddess Durga in her 6th avatar (form), Goddess Katyayini, coming from between the nine types demonstrated by means of the her, generally known as Navadurga. Driving any lion in addition to positioning this fantastic Chandrahasa (sword) in her palm, Goddess Katyayini is actually for this fierce type of Shakti (warrior goddess) in addition to is just about the a lot more broadly revered in addition to worshipped kinds of Goddess Durga throughout India.

Where is Chattarpur Temple is located

The Chattarpur Temple is located in South Delhi-Chhatarpur with a just 4 km away from Qutub Minar and the nearest metro station of Chattarpur Temple is chattarpur Metro Station.The temple has been built in both south and north Indian style of temple architecture. The temple complex spread over 70 acres and has over 20 small and large temples divided in three different complexes.

The particular temple's industrial type is actually rooted in the industrial design in addition to a style of Southerly American indian wats or temples, especially people created through the Cholas in addition to Chalukyas. A few entire of 20 wats or temples, huge in addition to small, multiply over the temple intricate focused on, aside from Goddess Katyayini, Goddess Laxmi, Adept Krishna, Adept Shiva in addition to Adept Ganesha.

Inside key temple sits this shrine of Goddess Katyayini, nevertheless it is actually prepared to take devotees merely through the Navarari period, any bi-annual matter. The room beside the primary shrine is actually embellished along with dining tables in addition to recliners crafted from silver precious metal, while Shayan Kaksh (bedroom) carries a bed in addition to dining room table likewise crafted from silver precious metal.

There exists a prayer hall major from the shrine exactly where desires, religious melodies in addition to discourses tend to be placed often. Any art gallery in the intricate have been focused on Baba Sant Nagpal, this temple's author. Given this temple's presiding deity is actually Goddess Katyayini, fairs of Durga Puja in addition to Navaratri take any ocean of devotees clambering to secure a peek in addition to darshan in the Goddess.

To know more about Chhatarpur and Delhi, the following may be helpful:

Quick Information About Chhatarpur Temple in Delhi 

  • Location: On Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road, in South Delhi
  • Built by: Swami Nagpal Maharaj
  • Built in: 20th century
  • Dedicated to: Goddess Katyayani (a form of Durga)
  • Attraction: Second largest temple complex in India
  • Architecture: Hindu temple architecture
  • Date built: 1970
  • Opening Timings :  All days of the week : 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

How can I reach Chhatarpur Temple

One can easily reach Chhatarpur Temple by taking local Buses, metro, auto rickshaws or by hiring taxis from Delhi  or  you can go using metro takes metro and reach to Chhatarpur metro as the, nearest metro station to the Temple is Chhatarpur Metro station which is situated on the yellow line. And just 500 metres from the metro and you can reach by taking auto or you can walk there by a 10 min walk down the road. The Nearest bus stands to the templeare Chhatarpur Village bus stand and Chhatarpur crossing.


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