Best Food Corner in Delhi

Delhi's first choice is food. It is often said that if there is no test in the mines then Delhiites do not sleep at night. Whether it is a narrow street or a narrow way to reach Delhi talk about the streets of old Delhi the cheerful dish in the narrow narrow streets attracts everybody's heart while on one side there are some food corners on one side for the world even today. It is famous all over here there is a lot of places around here where many decades ago Famous Dishes were found today even after having thin and narrow streets the taste here All the food here is made in a different way which is famous all over the world for its tasteful spicy dishes due to its different fine food Delhi attracts people from other states or other countries from the beginning. Is doing And the one that tastes the recipes that are tasted once the whole life can not forget this taste. Let's go to tell you about such popular places of Delhi today and we suggest you go here once. 

Paratha wale Gale

In the tight streets of old Delhi you will have to wait for Paratha to eat paratha in the paratha street because people are always crowded to eat these delicious Parathas. This shop was built in 1872. To make bananas more exotic dried fruits like cashew nuts almonds are also added to it. Here paneer paratha carrot paratha potato paratha or paratha of onion etc. are all served with different types of vegetables curd chutney and pickle.

Nataraja ke Dahi Bhale

Nataraja's curd is a storehouse of buffaloes in the back of the paratha street. People have to put a line in this shop to eat curds. Here curd is very famous and unmatched in taste. This shop is open from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. of the night. Nataraja's red-sweet red chutney is sweet Nataraja's curd-bhala and Tikki are both served on the plate spread over the foil. Both cost Rs 30 per plate.

Kuramal Mohanlal Kulfi Corner

Kuramal Mohanlal Kulfi's shop is very small. Their shop is located near HDFC Bank near Chavdi Bazar metro station in Delhi. At this place you can enjoy all kinds of Kulfis. The ordinary kulphi is of 60 rupees and the stuff kulfi 200. It is able to finish 2-3 people together. Every kind of Kulfi is available here but the only thing that is found here is the different types of stuffed manga kulfi. This shop opens from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Kallu Nihariwala

If you are a non-profit and want some delicious food then this place is no less than a heaven for you. Their shop opens near Jama Masjid from 6 am to 7:30 pm and there are plenty of customers in this shop. is. If you are two people then the cost of eating two men here is about 250 to 300. As soon as we hear its name saliva starts dripping from the mouth of people who eat nanaves. Its taste is very sweet and pepper spices.

Gnani De Hati

This shop known by the name of 'Gani Hati' and about 50 meters from Fatehpuri Mosque is where you can test Rabi Faluda with delicious sweets. In whole of Delhi you will not get sweets like this. Here under the rabdi with the Faluda and milk the top is given by pouring ice. There is a crowd of customers to eat cold Faluda in the summer season. Apart from this carrot and pulse pudding of this shop are also very famous.

Ved Prakash Lemonade

This shop is located close to the town hall near Chak Metro Station near Chad. Here all the exhaustion of the people is filled with water after drinking the fame nibud. There is a lot of crowd in this shop in the summer season.

Dulat's chat

Dulat's chat is very famous all the delicate flavors of Delhi. If you go here and cut off then we know that your fingers will keep on licking. Here people come here from far away to enjoy the lick. Here they have to work hard for the preparation of the lentil masala. For this reason the flavor of the wealth of wealth is exquisite. The secret of the process of the creation of this chat has not been known to anyone till date. Only after eating the dalit chaat you can get an idea of ​​its amazing test. Whenever you go to Delhi you will come here to eat chaat.

Kareem Kebab

Karim is not new to non amateurs this name is known for the Mughal period. Not only non-veg but also vegetarian food is available here. The food of the Mughals was made by Karim only. That's why their shop remained near the Red Fort. By reaching here you can take the perfect test of eating Mughlai. Among the famous flavors of Kareem people like Kebab Mutan Korma Chicken Mughlai Brain Curry Chicken Jahangiri etc.

Asha Ram Food

If you really want to enjoy some Tasty Foods if you are a vegetarian that's the best option for you to shop for 'Asha Ram Food' shop. Just go to this shop and order a plate paratha and you get different types of vegetables and lentils which taste delicious. This shop is located just behind the town hall. You will see a board of this shop near Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Loton Kulche Wala

Lotan kulcha wala is in Dariaganj and in the second chawadi market. This shop is famous for Cholera Kulta. Here you will get sour and chillies with a great taste of the best combinations. You have to pick up a little early in order to taste their kidneys. Their store is open from 7:30 in the morning to 10.30 in the morning. Chole is a three-storey shop in the kulche. From this they earn from one to five lakh rupees per month. The family lives well. And the artisans' salon also comes out.