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PIN Codes By Districts in Madhya Pradesh

Here given below List of 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh having pincode range and total unique pincodes per district you can check details. You can get more information about Madhya Pradesh Tourism and its pin codes along with the list of districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh on this page. This pin code search tool helps you to check Madhya Pradesh pincode details. All you have to do is click on the name of the district of Madhya Pradesh whose post office and pin code you are trying to search. and will take you to the district page which displays the name of the post offices in Madhya Pradesh along with their pin codes.

S.No District Name State Name Minimum Pincode Maximum Pincode Number of Pincodes
1 Alirajpur Madhya Pradesh 457885 457888 3
2 Anuppur Madhya Pradesh 484001 484887 110
3 Ashok Nagar Madhya Pradesh 473330 473446 92
4 Balaghat Madhya Pradesh 481001 481665 230
5 Barwani Madhya Pradesh 451442 451881 112
6 Betul Madhya Pradesh 460001 480441 224
7 Bhind Madhya Pradesh 475110 477660 257
8 Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 462001 464993 138
9 Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh 450001 450445 11
10 Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001 472111 232

Let us tell you that there are total 52 districts in the state of Madhya Pradesh. And there are about 8311 post offices spread across the state in all the 52 districts of the state. We should know that each post office in Madhya Pradesh has a unique pin code. And the first two digits of the pin code denotes the state as we know that each state has its own unique state code. The remaining digits indicate the districts and post offices. Madhya Pradesh Post Office Pin Code starts with two unique digits between the numbers 20 - 28.

11 Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh 460663 480559 271
12 Damoh Madhya Pradesh 470661 470881 160
13 Datia Madhya Pradesh 475335 475686 132
14 Dewas Madhya Pradesh 455001 455459 173
15 Dhar Madhya Pradesh 454001 454775 216
16 Dindori Madhya Pradesh 481672 481990 92
17 East Nimar Madhya Pradesh 450001 451441 190
18 Guna Madhya Pradesh 473001 473885 108
19 Gwalior Madhya Pradesh 474001 475686 163
20 Harda Madhya Pradesh 461111 461441 28

Nowadays the pin code is losing its existence. But, do you know what a PIN code means? Pin code is a very special number on which our entire postal system depends. Pin code was introduced on 15 August 1972.

21 Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh 461001 461990 216
22 Indore Madhya Pradesh 452001 453771 161
23 Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 482001 483880 192
24 Jhabua Madhya Pradesh 457550 457993 168
25 Katni Madhya Pradesh 483220 483990 216
26 Khandwa Madhya Pradesh 450112 450661 16
27 Khargone Madhya Pradesh 451332 451660 3
28 Mandla Madhya Pradesh 481661 481998 132
29 Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh 458001 458990 216
30 Morena Madhya Pradesh 476001 476554 203
31 Narsinghpur Madhya Pradesh 461771 487881 185
32 Neemuch Madhya Pradesh 458110 458553 120
33 Panna Madhya Pradesh 488001 488448 156
34 Raisen Madhya Pradesh 464551 464993 205
35 Rajgarh Madhya Pradesh 465661 465697 165
36 Ratlam Madhya Pradesh 457001 457555 181
37 Rewa Madhya Pradesh 485331 486556 339
38 Sagar Madhya Pradesh 464240 470669 237
39 Satna Madhya Pradesh 485001 485881 289
40 Sehore Madhya Pradesh 465693 466665 168
41 Seoni Madhya Pradesh 480661 481226 202
42 Shahdol Madhya Pradesh 484001 486669 133
43 Shajapur Madhya Pradesh 465001 465550 177
44 Sheopur Madhya Pradesh 476332 477332 65
45 Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh 473551 473995 216
46 Sidhi Madhya Pradesh 484771 486892 205
47 Singrauli Madhya Pradesh 486885 486889 10
48 Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh 472001 472447 179
49 Ujjain Madhya Pradesh 456001 456776 192
50 Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484001 486661 68
51 Vidisha Madhya Pradesh 464001 464337 160
52 West Nimar Madhya Pradesh 450551 451660 194

How to find pin codes of Madhya Pradesh?

If you want to find pin codes of Madhya Pradesh then you can search here Madhya Pradesh pin codes. Madhya Pradesh, located in India, has a six-digit pin code like the rest of the country. And the given table provides the Madhya Pradesh pin code list. The search can be narrowed down by selecting the name of the district, taluk and branch office due to which it saves time, effort and energy. You should know that when the pin code of the state is entered correctly, this letter and speed post can be easily delivered to his/her postal address.

What is Pin Code?

Let us tell you that the postal index number or pin or pin code is the post office or postal code system used by India Post, this pin code is of 6 digits. The first digit represents the region, the second the sub-region, the third the sorting district and the last three the code of the post office. We have 9 pin regions in India.

Importance of Pincode Each Number-

  • Each digit of the pin code has its own significance. The area is indicated through its first digit. It is to be noted that there are total 9 pin regions in India. While the initial 8 of these 9 pin regions represent the general geographical location, the ninth digit (9) is used for the Army Postal Service.
  • The sub-region is indicated through the second digit of the pin code.
  • The first two digits of the pin code identify a particular circle in the area. For example, if we take Delhi, here the first two digits are 11.
  • The third digit of the pin code is related to the district within the area.
  • The last three digits of the pincode indicate the particular post office within the district.
  • In this way your mail reaches you. Pin code is used a lot. It is used from government offices to delivery of goods, through which your area is identified.

Postal Code Wise List

Disclaimer: We have sourced the PIN Code and postal data from India Post ( We have made all efforts to collect and present the most accurate information about postal services, offices, areas, and pincodes, but we do not guarantee error-free data. If you come across any discrepancy in postal data, please let us know regarding the same.

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