Lakshadweep tourist destinations are a beautiful union territory of India, which is located in the Arabian Sea, about 300 km from the west coast of India. Lakshadweep, being the smallest union territory of India, is an attractive tourist destination that invites domestic and foreign tourists to come here. The Foundation day of Lakshadweep is 1 November 1956. Now A days the population of Lakshadweep is 64,473 and area is 32.

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A Quick Facts About Lakshadweep

Capital of LakshadweepKavaratti
Total Area of Lakshadweep32
Popular Languages Spoken in LakshadweepMost people here use the Malayalam language and are spoken as a local language. Minicoy people use the Mahi language, but nowadays people speak a little Hindi and English. Grandha is the modern script of Malayalam.
Popular Attractions for Tourist's in LakshadweepMinicoy Island, Kadmat Island, Kavaratti Island, Marine Museum, Pitti Bird Sanctuary, Thinnakara Island, Kalpeni Island, Bangaram Atoll, Agatti Island, Kiltan Island, Amini Beach, Andrott Island..etc
Best Time to visit in LakshadweepMay To September

Famous Post in Lakshadweep

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Famous Island in Lakshadweep

  • Agatti Island
  • Maliku Island

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