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Tehri Garhwal is a very ancient place in Uttarakhand amidst the mountains, where the number of tourists visiting it is increasing day by day. Which has been transformed from Tehri city to Tehri Garhwal today. There are a lot of religious places here. Tehri Garhwal is a very popular place to awaken its culture. Which is also the district of Uttarakhand. Before 888, the entire Garhwal region is divided into small "villages". It spreads a pure atmosphere. It is a princely route.

The district has been named by merging two different names. Tehri is composed of the word " trihari " which means a place which washes three kinds of sins. The second word is " Garh " which means fort. Many years ago, the Garhwal region was divided into small " strongholds " in which different kings used to rule. Its old name is considered to be Ganesh Prayag.

Located at a height of 1326, 54 kilometers from Tehri. Garhwal is the capital of the erstwhile king. In the middle of the forest is the palace of the Tehri king. Situated at an altitude of 2903 meters., Sem Mukheem also houses the temple of Nagaraja which is revered by the people of the area. People also come to see the temple of Kedar, situated at the confluence of the Bal Ganga and Dharma Ganga rivers, at a distance of 59 km. From Tehri. Kunjapuri is the name given to a peak situated at an altitude of about 1,676 meters. And 52 km From Tehri. Kunjapuri is said to be one of the Siddhpeethas established in the region by Jagadguru Shankaracharya.

Tehri Garhwal district is one of the largest districts in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The district is considered one of the holiest places in the state, and is located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. There are many places you can visit during your visit to Tehri Garhwal, as there are many temples in this area and many old forts built during the year 886 AD 886. You can visit Budda Kedar, a prominent temple located in the district. This temple is actually considered sacred by the Hindus, and is located at a point where the Ganges and the Ganges River meet. The linga of Lord Shiva is located in this temple, and many pilgrims visit this place during the festive season.

Old Kedarnath Temple

It is believed about this temple that the Pandavas went towards the Himalayas by this route to get rid of the sin of gotra murder. It was here that Lord Shankar, as an old Brahmin, appeared to the Pandavas at the confluence of Balanga-Dharmaganga. After giving darshan, Shiva disappeared in the form of Shila. Ever since then Sadasiva Bholenath was called old Kedarnath.


Chamba is surrounded by deodar and pine trees. The memorial of Gabbar Singh Negi is very popular here. It was built in 1925 in honor of Thakur Gabbar Singh. He served as a gunner in the Garhwal Rifles in 1913 and won the First World War.

Sam Mukheem Nagraj

It is a famous Nagatirtha in Uttarkashi district. In the temple, Nagaraja is sitting on the spread and Lord Krishna is absorbed in the tune of descent over the funerals of Nagaraja. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Nagaraja himself has a rock, which is said to be of the Dwapara era.

Nag dunes

It is the name of a peak located in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. The dune is called a high peak. Locals also called Nag dunes as Jhandi. There are two routes to reach Nag Tibba. Devalasari Village and Pantwari Village. Nag dunes can be reached by trekking from both these places.


This ancient city is one of the religious cities of India. The rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet at this place. The hill that Devprayag is on is known as Gridhachal. It is believed that Lord Rama freed the eunuch at this place.

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