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Haridwar is one of the seven holiest pilgrimage centres in India located in Uttarakhand. It is situated at an altitude of 294.70 m above sea level in Uttarakhand. Haridwar is considered to be the "city of Dharma". This holy river is situated on the southern bank of the Ganges. It is one of the most popular pilgrimage centres of Hindus. Haridwar, which literally means the gate of Hari- The gate to reach Hari. Haridwar is also known as Mayapuri, Kapila and Gangdwar. The Ganges enters the plains of Haridwar for the first time from the hilly areas of the Himalayas. Hindu pilgrims and devotees gather in Haridwar for worship at religious festivals. Haridwar in Uttarakhand is the place where Kumbh every 12 years and semi-Kumbh every six years.

The entrance of four major pilgrim places in Uttarakhand region is Haridwar. In the entire Haridwar, there are Siddha benches, Shakti benches and many new old temples. There is a festival every day. Mother Ganga Festival!! Every moment from sunrise bathing to evening Aarti is a festival. Every day, thousands of devotees come here from every nook and corner of the country for the Ganga darshan and bathe in the Ganges and get rid of the sins of birth. Dev Bhoomi is a very captivating temple and scenic spot in Haridwar. The market here is very lucrative. There is a roshini on every side, it is brighter. The food-like people do not disappoint the people of Haridwar at all, where a lot of tasty shops are decorated in the morning. There are also many shops of puja material and Hindu religious books.

People from every province of India come here and take the holy water of Ganga ji with them in the bolats. Shops adorned with colourful bottles can be seen in Ganga Ghat and Bazaro. The passengers from far flung places forget all their fatigue by bathing in the pure waters of the Ganges and chanting every gange and taking the enchanting scenes of the city into their minds. The view of the evening Aarti is very captivating. Devotees sit on the stairs at ganga Ghat to see Aarti. In Ganga water, Aartis fire is a flame of fire, as the seconds are being immersed in the lamp Ganga water. However, it is not just the favourite place of saints, but it is also an important centre of art, science and culture. It is also a city of industrial importance along with righteousness. Sidkul is a large industrial hub here.

This is known as Gateway to Gods. It is Famous for a brought Ganga river. It is one of the four places where Kumbh Mela occurs after rotation of twelve years and Ardh Kumbh Mela occurs after six years. Haridwar is one of the famous tourist places among Indias tourist place.

The distance between Delhi to Haridwar

  • By Road: 209 km
  • By Airline: 171 km

Places to visit in Haridwar

  1. Har Ki Pauri
  2. Chandi Devi Temple
  3. Bara Bazaar
  4. Bhimgoda Kund/Tank
  5. Daksha Mahadev Temple
  6. Kanva Rishi Ashram
  7. Mansa Devi Temple
  8. Sapt Rishi Ashram or Sapt Sarovar
  9. Shantikunj
  10. Patanjali Yog Peeth
  11. Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary

Hotels in Haridwar

  1. Ambrosia Sarovar Portico Hotel
  2. Haveli Hari Ganga
  3. Devnadi The Heritage Hotel
  4. The URMI
  5. Ganga Lahari by Leisure Hotels
  6. Radisson BLU Hotel Haridwar
  7. Le ROI Haridwar Hotel
  8. La Casa Hotel
  9. Hotel Trishul
  10. Hotel Ganga Exotica

Location: Uttarakhand state of India.

Best time to visit: 

  • In Summer: March to June
  • Monsoon:  July – September
  • Winter: October – February
State :

How to Reach Haridwar

Complete List of Tehsils in Haridwar District, Uttarakhand

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