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With your cheapest and unbreakable link of faith, McLoadganj where the country comes from abroad, you should also take your time to visit McLoadganj. Friends, be it Indians or foreigners, everyone believes in God, people of all religions worship their deity and trust them as well, friends, this is the same here in India, which is a very famous religious place.

Friends, the history of Apna Himachal Pradesh is a very old history of the time of Indus Valley Civilization. And here in the Vedic period a small republic country known as Janpad was settled here and then here, which was later occupied by the people of Gupta Empire. And then King Harishchandra"s people, under the leadership of Rajputs for a long time, divided this place into small parts and only then this Himachal got complete independence on a large scale.

And then at the beginning of 10th century, Mahmud Ghaznavi captured Kangra here. And King Sikandar Timur took possession of the lower hill of the Lodhi kingdom and in this time also these kings captured many huge forts and buildings and then on 28 April 1948 28 states were added to the Western Himalayas. Here the hill of Shimla and the four southern hills of Punjab were named after the state and the Himalayas were called the land of Gods and Goddesses.

McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh is a hill station located near Hajo Dharamshala, which is very good for walking and it is very cheap to stay here. And roaming, but here is the residence of the Dalai Lama, a spiritual leader. And people visiting here have a Dal Lake, which is heavy with natural views and you can also visit the temples and the temple monasteries. And there is a lot of fame made between the treks here and the culture here is of British and There is a mixed mixture of Tibetan. McLeodganj is also known by the name of Lhasa and the huts and hamlets of beautiful Tibetans are built here, the fragrance of the majestic hills and greenery is spread here. And Namgyal Math and Tsuglakhang are also included in the monasteries here.

In Himachal, McLeodganj is one of the few destinations. There are plenty of places to visit. And solo traveller is the favorite place because from trekking to Buddhist culture, everyone can experience.

Places to visit in McLeodganj

Triund track

If you like trekking, take the experience of the triund track in McLeodganj. The way to go is not easy, but at the height, the surrounding sights will wipe out all the fatigue that has occurred during trekking.

Masoor tanpal

Built in the 8th century, the Hindu temple is one of the beautiful religious places of McLeodganj. There are 15 rock-cut tanples that are quite like Ellora in view. The way to reach here is also very beautiful.

Bhagsu Fall

The view of the green hills around and the waterfalls falling from among them will also be seen in The Makeloadganj, apart from paintings and books. Yes, Bhagsu Fall is exactly the same place. Can be reached near the waterfall while climbing the stairs. Where there are a lot of options to sit around and relax.

Nechung Monastery

If you did not go to McLeodganj and see the beautiful monastery here, understand that you have missed a lot. If you are willing to see, understand and know the Buddhist culture, come here. This monastery is also a good place to roam.

Sunset Point

Go to Nadi village to see the beautiful sight of the sun. This is the favorite place of nature lovers and photographers.

Indrahar Pass

If you are fond of visiting offbeat places, the Indrahar pass is a good place. Tracking of this place with a height of 4342 metres will prove to be a good experience.

Vipassana Meditation Centre

Take some time off from the trip and go to the Vipassana meditation centre in Dharamkot. This place on the Himalayan mountains is best for relaxing the mind.

Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake

It is also known as Pong Dum Lake. Which is an artificial lake. Which can make bowling and fishing an enjoy. At the same time, many birds will also be seen here because of the surrounding mountains and forests.

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Himachal Pradesh

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