Kalka Shimla Tourism: Enjoy this Kalka Shimla Toy Train Himalayan Queen !!!

Kalka makes for a great outing from Shimla and is the terminus for the Shimla-Kalka toy train. The train route is one of the most picturesque in the world and passes through more than a hundred tunnels.

All of us like to travel in the train. But if traveling between distant and mountainous areas traveling in the railroad becomes even more fun. Today we are going to tell you about a railway route the path to travel is different. Yes we are talking about Kalka-Shimla rail route. The width of this railroad is only two feet 6 inches for this reason the name of this railway route is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The first choice of tourists to visit here is to visit the 'Toy Vehicles' here.

The historic importance of the Kalka-Shimla railroad is also that it was constructed by the British. Interestingly the English engineers built this railway route with the help of an illiterate rural man. It is said that he used to trace ahead of the hoe and the English engineer followed him.

He was also honored in 1858 for this work. Later the services of Hindustan-Tibet highway were also taken in the survey. The railroad from Kalka to Shimla is 95 kilometers long. This journey is completed in six hours. Before reaching Shimla the rail passes through 102 tunnels.

The biggest tunnel is in a place called Barod. Its number is 33 and its length is 3752 feet. The number 10 tunnel in the crores is 2276 feet long and Tara Devi's tunnel number 91 is 1615 feet in length. The railroad passes through 102 tunnels before reaching Shimla.

Passing through these tunnels the passengers are filled with deep adventures. Not only this the bridge made in its path is also artistic textured. Whose number is 869. A bridge of iron all the other bridges are made of stones. Four-storey bridge at Kanoh is very famous all over India for special attraction. This railroad was built after several plans and surveys. It took ten years to complete.

On November 9 1903 passing through the first 'toy train' Shivalik proceedings the force reached Shimla with a brilliant move. At that time Lord Curzon was the Viceroy of India. Who took stock of the construction work of this railroad.

In 1932 the service of the train car carrying 15 passengers on this line was started. In 1970 its capacity was increased to 21 passengers. Nowadays a Superfast Rail Shivalik Deluxe Express has been started in view of tourists on the Kalka-Shimla railroad. It has been fitted with features like Shatabdi Express. In this train five beautiful coaches with capacity of twenty passengers have been installed.This train takes five hours to reach Shimla.

How to Get There

The lower stations of these mountain railways are accessible by conventional Indian rail lines or by bus/automobile.

When to Visit

Potential riders should be wary of weather-related closings including high snowfall in the northern mountains and rainy season washouts.

How to Visit

These train trips epitomize the old saying about the journey being as memorable as the destination. There are intriguing stops along each of these lines leaving it up to the traveler to decide how long to linger en route. For those interested in seeing each line as a continuous ride there’s nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the scenery.