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Mumbai is called the economic capital of the country. The city is famous all over the world because of Bollywood. It is called the City of Dreams. A large number of people come to Mumbai for employment and that is where they become. In addition, the tourists come to visit the twelve months of the year. However, the corona virus had slowed down the city of Mumbai for many days, but now the situation is gradually becoming normal. At the same time, the lives of Mumbaikars are also returning to the track. For this, tourism has once again started coming to Mumbai picnic. If you are also planning to go to Mumbai and also want to do shopping with a trip to Mumbai, you can do these places. Here you can make low budget purchases like Lajpat Nagar, Sarooni Nagar, Palika Bazar and Kamla market in Delhi. Let us know:

Linking Road

This is a dream destination for buyers. In addition to trendy out fits on the linking road in Bandra, bags and junk jewellery are easily found. Branded clothes and jewellery are also available. However, when shopping, you must bargain.


It is considered to be the largest market in The Cozway Street shopping. However, there are many restaurants and bakeries in the market. Where you can also taste the flavors of the relaxing street food. In this market you can buy all the things you need in a low budget.

Hill Road

Bandra Hill Road is extremely popular for street shopping. There are a lot of shops. Where you can buy clothes, bags and footwear of your choice. At this place you can buy the best things in a low budget.

Fashion Street

For buyers, it is no less than a paradise. Is the best market for shopping, especially in a low budget. More than 100 shops are in a line here. Where you can buy all the things you need.

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Asia's Largest Spice Market in Delhi (Whole Spices In Delhi)

Located on the west side of Chandni Chowk, Khari Bawli is the Masala market of Old Delhi. It is Asias largest masala market. Here you can buy spices, dried fruit,

Sarojini Nagar

Lajpat nagar

Dilli Haat

The Pink Line, when fully operational, would connect Majlis Park and Shiv Vihar. The entire stretch from Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar is 58-kilometre long.


Located next to the New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj is known for its crowded roads and shopping. Noisy market is a suitable place for buff-out buffers. Here, shops have handmade

Everything You Can Do In Khan Market

Khan market is a small but a popular shopping area in Delhi. Khan Market is the 21st most expensive retail high street in the whole world. It is left behind

Best Shopping Places of Delhi to Get Delicious Street Food

Many of us are like this, for going to shopping is as fun as going to a tourist sport. Many people like to go shopping in famous shopping to roam

Gandhi Nagar Market

These Best Markets of Delhi are best for This festive Season