Kashmir which the Mughal emperors had called the earth's paradise too. After years of terrorism of years now again emerged as a tourist destination. However during the period of terrorism the means of tourist amenities have been lost but the aura of those places remains intact which has been attracting tourists from abroad and abroad.

Lalitaditya Muktapid was the last emperor of the Hindu kingdom which ruled Kashmir till 1339 while the kingdom from 1420 to 70 AD had been ruled by the emperor Jain-ul-Din which was not known only by the name of Badshah but he There was also a bachelor of language. While Emperor Akbar captured Kashmir for the Mughals because he felt very beautiful in Srinagar then he had constructed Mughal gardens and many mosques in Srinagar city. But the rule of the Mughals did not go even longer because Maharaja Ranjeet Singh the king of the Sikhs overthrew the Mughals from Kashmir in 1839 and Dogra rulers purchased it in the year 1846 under the treaty of Amritsar for 75 lakh rupees and during 1947 In Jammu Kashmir became a part of India as a state.