No.TownClassSub-divisionDistrictPopulationMunicipal Wards
1.AgartalaMunicipal CorporationSadarWest Tripura5,22,61351
2.DharmanagarMunicipal CouncilDharmanagarNorth Tripura45,88725
3.UdaipurMunicipal CouncilUdaipurGomati37,78123
4.KailashaharMunicipal CouncilKailasaharUnakoti23,41817
5.BishalgarhMunicipal CouncilBishalgarhSipahijala22,30915
6.TeliamuraMunicipal CouncilTeliamuraKhowai21,67915
7.KhowaiMunicipal CouncilKhowaiKhowai21,38715
8.BeloniaMunicipal CouncilBeloniaSouth Tripura21,17617
9.MelagharMunicipal CouncilSonamuraSipahijala19,71413
10.MohanpurMunicipal CouncilMohanpurWest Tripura18,54915
11.AmbassaMunicipal CouncilAmbassaDhalai16,40715
12.RanirbazarMunicipal CouncilSadarWest Tripura15,82013
13.SantirbazarMunicipal CouncilSantirbazarSouth Tripura15,64715
14.KumarghatMunicipal CouncilKumarghatUnakoti15,18915
15.SonamuraNagar PanchayatSonamuraSipahijala12,59213
16.PanisagarNagar PanchayatPanisagarNorth Tripura11,93813
17.AmarpurNagar PanchayatAmarpurGomati11,52513
18.JiraniaNagar PanchayatJiraniaWest Tripura11,02311
19.KamalpurNagar PanchayatKamalpurDhalai10,90411
20.SabroomNagar PanchayatSabroomSouth Tripura6,0349


Located in northeastern India, Tripura is a small state known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The state is bordered by Bangladesh on three sides, and its geography is marked by hills, forests, and rivers. The majority of the population is made up of indigenous tribes, including the Tripuri, who have their own distinct language, customs, and traditions. Agriculture and tourism are the main sources of income, and the state is known for its tea plantations, bamboo handicrafts, and wildlife sanctuaries.

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