best Street food in Telangana

Know the importance of food which has eaten real food and real food is found in the real city itself as if we talk about it in the whole of India but you can go to Amritsar and eat it there is something else about it. They are mostly citizens of shedding or they have tasted that taste and they go to the new city and promote it but the taste is something that resembles them. 

Today we are talking about Telangana in these dishes whose talk is something else if you are a citizen of the book then you will know everything and if you have gone with your friends or you have been separated from this Do not forget to try the flavors. 

If you have gone to Telangana and after taking the first meal of the food here if you do not get enough chillies then understand that there is some shortage. Actually chilli is widely used in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. Red green and black pepper are almost all desezed they are grinding grinding using whole and small bits. Whereas four moons appear in its taste and then its test is seen and yes if you will find places where there is less chilli or you can add less chilli than your choice. If you order a plate it will be there. 

If you do not worry about the temple premises here you will definitely get the offerings that are available in the temple and here you will meet Laddu Chakrapongali Pulihara and Patikaballum (Egypti) which are found at the Temple Gate which will be happy to eat and eat here mostly. The restaurants are near the bus station. Not too bad to eat here By the way if something is not understood then order South Indian plate. Idli Vada Pura and Dosa are in common South Indian plate. After this drinking tea and coffee in a small steel glass is also a special experience. There is a lot of things in the Vegetarian Mines but if you are looking for nonvenues it is not available here because of being a religious place. Here you can try Andhra and Telugu dishes like Murukku Payasam Bandar Laddu etc.

As we know Telangana is one of the newest states in the country and unlike popular belief Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have quite different cultures tastes and dishes. While proximity makes certain aspects of food the same there are considerable differences. The area of ​​Telangana is almost drying in contrast to the more coastal Andhra Pradesh and hence it is characterized by more meat such as increasing the pulses is a bit difficult. So here are some famous Telangana meals that make up this new state's dishes.

Best Food in Telangana


Sakinaalu along with having a regional food of Telangana is a famous snack which is eaten especially during the festival of Sankranti. These are of two types: one is plain cinnamic eddy without pepper paste and the second is Karam sakinaalu which is made with red chilli paste. It is a spiral savory snack and is made from rice flour carom seeds and sesame seeds. It looks and tastes like the famous Tamilian snack Murukku.

Tamarind Rice

In South India there is a famous food tamarind rice. And it is prepared on every festival. This is a traditional South Indian Tamil dishes. As the name suggests tamarind rice which is made by mixing rice and spices tamarind has its own method of making it when the tamarind flavor blends with spices it gives a fresh taste. It is also called the Chinantandu Pulihara in Telangana.

Andela Piesam

Andela Paisam is a unique sweet made in itself which is specially prepared on Vinaya Chaturdashi. It is believed that this is a favorite dessert of Ganesha so it is prepared on Vinayak Chaturdashi. It is made of rice flour and gram dal. It is also called Thippi Kudumulu.


Another delicious festive meal in Hyderabad which is specially prepared during the month of Ramzan. This is a special cereal meal famous throughout the world in the holy month of Ramzan. Which is a special dish made from lentils and spices wheat barley and meat.

Pumpkin Kheer

This is a North Indian desert which is specially prepared on Navaratri festival. It is not only delicious but also nutritious. It is also called Pumpkin Kheer. The main ingredients are sugar pumpkin and dried fruits. It is prepared during Ramzan season.

Sweet dish

This is a famous dessert in India which is prepared during Diwali festival. It is made of milk powder deep oil in sugar and oil. Different types of sweets are prepared on Diwali and Lakshmi Devi is offered and then distributed to the families.

Hyderabadi Biryani

By the way Hyderabadi Biryani's taste can now be taken at every place in Delhi Mumbai Banaras and Kolkata but the flavors found in Biryani here are rarely found anywhere else. Make your Hyderabad journey by eating biryani prepared with aromatic spices and flavors. 

Chilli Salmon

Chilli salmon is as famous as Hyderabadi Biryani. Do not miss here at all. The most special roll in this flavored gravy prepared from coconut peanut and sesame seeds is chilli. Green-green big pepper works to make the dish tart as well as spice.


It is similar to North India's Kheer. It is also specially made on the occasion of Eid. However in restaurants all the time is available in the Desert menu. By mixing flavors in milk and rice this dish is made to be more feasible. 


This dish prepared with apricots and almonds is eaten as a dessert. If you come to Hyderabad and taste it then it should be at the top of your list. Eat like this for its real flavor but the eateries like to eat it with ice cream and cream.


This is a soup made especially on Eid. It is cooked all night and then it is mixed with spices. Nihari is also known as Pakistan National Dish.