Lunglei Tourism

Lunglei is one of the main districts of Mizoram. It is the second largest city in the state, which is located at a higher altitude than the capital city of Aizawl. The charming hills are lush green and rich culture attracts tourists immensely. Lunglei - Rock Bridge, Kheonglang Wildlife Sanctuary, Saja Wildlife Sanctuary etc. are the few tourist destinations here.

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Lunglei Tourism

Champhai is a historical district of Mizoram. Mizoram is one of the most beautiful and popular hill stations. Champhai which is situated at an altitude of about 1678 meters. In Champhai, you can see the largest plain plain from the state, there is a wonderful view of the magnificent hills here. You can also visit the beautiful fruit orchards here. It is the most fruit producing region of the city. You can see many ancient monuments here. Murlane National Park, Rih Dil Lake, Kawalkulah, Fongpui Peak Lenteng Hills, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary are the most special places selected here. In vibrant, carpeted by butterflies, Champhai feels like heaven. Which attracts tourists with its magnificent natural beauty.

Its colorful tribal traditions combined with romantic ruins, ancient relics, monuments and monuments make the city of Champhai crazy. Tourists enjoy an aromatic climate in Champhai. Murlane National Park - It is home to many species of Murlane National Park with lush green forests. It is spread over about 100 sq km.

This park attracts a lot of tourists. And species of wildlife and birds can be seen. Some species of birds that have made the park crazy. The shining beauty of its raw beauty and the beautiful view of rain on the trees attracts tourists. Apart from traveling, Champai has many tourist attractions. Champhai tourism is full of tribal tradition.

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