Top 30+ Temples in Himachal Pradesh 2023 You Must Visit
Sl.NoChief MinisterFromToParty Name
1Conrad Sangma06 Mar 2018PresentNational People's Party
2Mukul Sangma05 Mar 201306 Mar 2018INC
3Mukul Sangma20 Apr 201005 Mar 2013INC
4D. D. Lapang13 May 200919 Apr 2010INC
5President's rule18 Mar 200912 May 2009 
6Donkupar Roy19 Mar 200818 Mar 2009United Democratic Party
7D. D. Lapang04 Mar 200819 Mar 2008INC
8D. D. Lapang10 Mar 200704 Mar 2008INC
9J. D. Rymbai15 Jun 200610 Mar 2007INC
10D. D. Lapang04 Mar 200315 Jun 2006INC
11Flinder Anderson Khonglam08 Dec 200108 Dec 2001Independent
12E. K. Mawlong08 Mar 200008 Dec 2001United Democratic Party
13B. B. Lyngdoh10 Mar 199808 Mar 2000United Democratic Party
14S. C. Marak27 Feb 199810 Mar 1998INC
15S. C. Marak19 Feb 199327 Feb 1998INC
16D.D. Lapang05 Feb 199219 Feb 1993INC
17President's rule11 Oct 199105 Feb 1992 
18B. B. Lyngdoh26 Mar 199010 Oct 1991Hill People's Union
19P. A. Sangma06 Feb 198825 Mar 1990INC
20Williamson A. Sangma02 Apr 198305 Feb 1988INC
21B. B. Lyngdoh02 Mar 198331 Mar 1983All Party Hill Leaders Conference
22Williamson A. Sangma07 May 198124 Feb 1983INC
23B. B. Lyngdoh07 May 197907 May 1981All Party Hill Leaders Conference
24Darwin Diengdoh Pugh21 Feb 197906 May 1979All Party Hill Leaders Conference
25Darwin Diengdoh Pugh10 Mar 197821 Feb 1979All Party Hill Leaders Conference
26Williamson A. Sangma22 Nov 197603 Mar 1978INC
27Williamson A. Sangma18 Mar 197221 Nov 1976All Party Hill Leaders Conference
28Williamson A. Sangma21 Jan 197218 Mar 1972All Party Hill Leaders Conference
29Williamson A. Sangma02 Apr 197021 Jan 1972All Party Hill Leaders Conference


Meghalaya is a state in northeastern India, bordered by Bangladesh to the south and Assam to the north and east. The state is known for its natural beauty, with dense forests, hills, and waterfalls. Meghalaya is also one of the wettest places on earth, receiving heavy rainfall throughout the year. The state is home to several indigenous tribes, including the Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia people, each with its own distinct culture and language. The Khasi Hills, which are located in Meghalaya, are known for their unique living root bridges, which are made by weaving the roots of trees together.

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